March 18, 2007

Joost Invitation Contest - Part II

Congratulations! The winner of the first Joost invitation contest — the person who came up with the best idea for a second Joost contest — is “Bill”, who suggested a rebus competition. In Bill’s entry, he suggests that entries must contain the word “Joost,” but I’ll be a little more lenient and just say that the second contest is as follows:

To win a Joost invitation, come up with the best rebus for a TV show or movie title. For example, an entry might look like this:

Eye = I
Clover - C - R = Love
Lou + Seahorse - Horse = Lucy

The answer to this rebus, then, is “I Love Lucy.”

To enter, use the “Contact” link in the sidebar to e-mail me your rebus, or put it on-line somewhere (flickr or elsewhere) and link to your entry in the comments. Make your entry creative, but solvable. I’ll accept entries until midnight Monday (tomorrow) and announce a winner on Tuesday, and I’ll post the best entries. Have fun!

Update: We have a winner! RichM submitted my favorite Rebus entry:


I like it because he could have made it much easier by putting a picture of a Beetle plus a picture of Juice. But he took the long way and had fun with it, and even included Nico. Good job. Congratulations, RichM!


I’ll second that. That is unless someone else has posted while I am writing this, that this would indeed be a third.

Rebus entry. In the spirit of the site, I tried to think a little inside out. Are multiple entries kosher?

Very nice, Jaws! As

for mine, David, you’ve been emailed!

mistakey, fixed: link

Thanks Nick. But I wish you would let us see yours.

nice idea, but too much of a challenge for me. I shall just have to lurk

Eek. I’m glad I didn’t check previous entries before posting or it would’ve discouraged me from even trying. Some great stuff there! Here’s mine.

Hi dears, I would thank you forever for an invite.
I can’t wait to try Joost, thanks a million in advanced

Hi dears, I would thank you forever for an invite.
I can’t wait to try Joost, thanks a million in advanced

my id is

I want invite please


Can you send me a joost invitation too please?
Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice day.