September 14, 2006

Idea: Dunder Mifflin branded paper

Dunder Mifflin PaperI was recently shopping for paper at Staples when I had this thought: NBC should really license the “Dunder Mifflin” name to some paper company, and put it on real reams of paper. I don’t have brand loyalty when it comes to 8.5” x 11” paper, so it’s not like I can’t be persuaded to buy one ream over another. If I were buying paper at Staples and I saw the Dunder Mifflin brand name on a ream of paper, I’d totally get it. Just because it’s funny. Even if it cost a few cents more than the other brands.

They could even co-brand, for those people who haven’t heard of Dunder Mifflin or are afraid to try new things. The reams could say, “Staples [or some reputable paper company] presents Dunder Mifflin Paper” or something like that. And they could put a one-sheet ad for “The Office” in the packaging.

(Dunder Mifflin, for those who don’t know, is the fictional paper company whose day-to-day goings on are documented in the TV show The Office)


Thanks for putting the theme muzak in my head for the rest of the afternoon.

Thats A Great Idea!!

on a related note…I live in Scranton, and along the main streets the city has those little Banners with names of local businesses, like a “city pride” kind of thing. Anyway, there’s a banner for Dunder Mifflin, too…I’ll try to get a pic of it this week, it’s pretty cool. :)

hey if i can ship 3TONS of anatomically correct body to over 15 countries there’s definently a market out there for an entire Dunder Mifflin line.

hey why not logoed apparel as well

woops, i posted too quickly i meant to say

“hey if i can ship 3TONS of anatomically correct body FAT to over 15 countries there‚Äôs definently a market out there for an entire Dunder Mifflin line.

hey why not logoed apparel as well”

What’s that about logo apparel for fictional companies?


John: I was just in Scranton this past weekend and saw that banner! I was wondering who paid for it. NBC? The Office folks? Let us know if you find out.

A very cool idea.

…except NBC doesn’t even have the merchandising smarts to produce a Dwight bobblehead and sell it at their NBC store (my friends & I went there looking for “Office” merch). Their merchandising/marketing department sucks - 50% of the store is FRIENDS stuff. Seriously.

(On a side note, they do have a lot of good “Office” shirts here.)

Dwight bobblehead, Dunder Mifflin t-shirt and coffee mug, etc. here.

I just wanna dance!

that’s a fantastic idea! if they ever made a real dunder-mifflin company, they would make a lot of profit because of The Office.

I would total buy this, I also would like the Dwight bobble head, Pam’s pencil cup and the guide to Conflict Resolution.

I found this article because I was trying to find the same Dunder Mifflin paper discussed! Obviously there is some kind of customer base for this. I wanted to buy some as a gag gift this year.

I had this same idea, no joke (also pretty much at the same time… I was shopping for our paper in Staples, feeling a little guilty since it’s one of DM’s bigget competitors and I thought of this)… I just told it to my boss who loves the show and she said to go online to see if they sell it… two google clicks later I found your page. Great minds think alike… I can’t believe they haven’t come out with this… HELLO??? Lighting in a bottle here! Brilliant… who has paper brand loyalty? No one I know. A patent should be explored… this could be huge.

Are there other industry related shows that you could buy the product that the show fictionally makes? The only other one I could think of was Lavern & Shirly’s beer.

I personally would like to own the Dunder Mifflin bathrobes that the staff got for Christmas. :)

I am watching The Today Show’s Saturday version and Lester Holt is interviewing someone in what looks like a bay window where tourists go and wave to distract you. Across the street is a storefront with a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company sign in the window.

What is up with that???

Bathrobes, shot glasses, coffee mugs… anything branded “Dunder Mifflin” that has been on the show is available for purchase… EXCEPT THE PAPER!

i have the means and industry background and support to bring dunder mifflin paper and business products into reality….anyone have pull or know someone at NBC to help with the licensing aspect????

this sounds fun!

Dunder Mifflin brand paper available now at