October 6, 2008

UPDATE: Skywalker “HOPE” Posters and Shirts are once again available

October 27 Update:This post has been rewritten to reflect the latest news.

I’m pleased to announce that t-shirts and posters based on the Luke Skywalker “HOPE” design I posted recently are once again available! They were inspired by Shepard Fairey’s famous Obama “HOPE” poster, so be sure to check out his site www.obeygiant.com.

Posters and T-shirts are available for purchase at Zazzle.com.

Click on the Poster or Shirt below for available sizes and apparel styles:

A New Hope print

A New Hope shirt

Also available: The Imperial Party T-shirts and Posters requested by many of you:

Imperial Party shirt

There’s still time to get yours before election day!



Hope your venture is luke-rative.

I’m now going to patent the electric stir-fry cooker. I’ll call it the E-Wok.

p.s. My wee-hour willpower was too weak to resist the puns. Sorry.


Hope your venture is luke-rative.

I’m now going to patent the electric stir-fry cooker. I’ll call it the E-Wok.

p.s. My wee-hour willpower was too weak to resist the puns. Sorry.

This is the coolest thing ever! May the Force be with you!


Price matters not. I feel the force, and my credit card purchased a t-shirt.

I have to ask — how is it that Lucasfilm change their mind?

Mine arrives next week. Congrats, David!

that’s pretty expensive for a t-shirt! it’s a funny ripoff of Fairey’s work, though. But I can’t rationalize $33 shipped for a single t-shirt. sorry.

I’m curious how you went about getting this OKed with Lucasfilm…

Bugger. I want so hard, but I can’t cope with a $30.00 poster.

Where is the McCain/Vader mashup?

The link you provided is dead, it says the product has been deleted. I see another shirt with the same design, but I’m worried it’s someone who’s mooched your design. Could you take a look and see if something is up?

There’s been a temporary snag. I’m working it out. I image the product will be back up shortly. -David

Comparing Luke to Obama is sickening - Obama is more like combination of Borsk Fey’lya, Jar Jar Binks and young Senator Palpatine rolled into one. Palin, on the other hand, is a great Leia, Mon Mothma, Padme…

A New “Hope”. Gah.

The only things you can “Hope” for with Obama are higher tax rates and an economy that will spiral further out of control.

Nice job; I’d buy it if I weren’t a poor grad student. And Palin isn’t any smarter than the moose she claims to gut. Watch an interview.

The product is gone, is there another link? I would really like this shirt.

I’m glad I got mine before the snags! I’m wearing it today. I hope everything gets worked out!

Well, hell. It’s almost payday. When it comes back I might just buy a big ass zazzle poster. I wonder if the original artist of that Star Wars Rock Band is getting a cut of the money. I might have to pick that up too. But can a man really have 2 ironic and post modern star wars posters in his home?

I hope so.

(I wonder if they’ve got that Last Supper star wars as a poster…)

any word if this is coming back? I need that print.

these are GREAT! i love them. you rock.


Just wondering if this will come back anytime soon…hopefully before the final election!!


Monkey, you’re an idiot.
Palin’s an idiot. So I guess, it all works out, huh?

Your comaparison of Palin to Padme, Mon Mothma, or Leia is a joke.
Puh-lease! Don’t make me vomit.
Those women actually had brains and integrity and weren’t a bunch of narcissistic lying hypocrites.
They actually followed what they preached.

This is an amazing piece of artwork and is truly very inspiring!
Luke is a great parallel to Barack Obama.
His election symbolizes an end to the Right Wing Empire of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O Reilly and shows how far we have come as a nation from those dark and dreary days of slavery and segregation….
Finally, an end to right wing oppresion and destructive policies that hurt this great nation of ours!

I would definitely buy this shirt if I had the money. Unfortunately, what kills it for me are the shipping costs.
I’m sorry, but I’m just not gonna pay 30+ dollars for one t-shirt….

McCain is truly the fallen hero on this one. It’s tragic how the “maverick”, once shunned by the far right of his party had to give up every shred of decency he had in order to win an election, by appealing to the worst side in people.
So, a McCain/Anakin mashup, I feel, might be appropiate….

From the streets of Coruscant to the sand dunes of Tatooine you’ll hear people shouting; “Down with the Emperor!” ;)
Here’s hoping 2009 will be a better year.

I assume you haven’t licensed this shirt to these guys?: http://vastees.com/product_info.php?products_id=89

Just a heads up…