January 1, 2007

I see R2-D2

I saw this garbage can the other day. It reminded me of R2-D2.

R2D2 Garbage

Previously: I see storm troopers.


Yup… nice one :)

Call it “R2-D1” maybe.

Yeah, the earlier models where ‘rubbish’.

looks like he’s stuck in the mud. Someone help R2-D1! Where’s my Sawzall?

Cool photo.

Maybe it was just the name of the car (Subaru R2), but I always thought of R2D2’s “legs” when I saw this car from the back.

See pic here

awesome, great find!

quite strange but really awesome!!!
go on like this!!!

I’m not sure which college it is. It maybe be U of I, but my friend went to a math team meet to a college (probably U of I) and there is an actual mailbox(I think) made to look like R2-D2 with the paint job and everything. He has a picture of it on his phone. It’s pretty kickass.

I see it too, man.

the prototype?

That is just wonderful. I love it.

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