March 14, 2006

Original Wallace and Gromit only worth £6,000. Total.

Remember back in October when a fire destroyed the warehouse where all those Wallace & Gromit props and sets were stored? Well, now the insurance company has paid up. And the value they put on the destroyed Wallace & Gromit characters is surprisingly low. As The Sun reports:

Insurers Norwich Union put a combined price of only £6,000 on the heads of the plasticine duo, who have just scooped their FOURTH Academy Award. They ruled Wallace was worth £4,000 and his hound £2,000.

Apparently Wallace is worth more because he has more moving parts and clothes, and is therefore tougher to recreate.


Blimey absolute shocker, I really adored W&G when it first came out and now both my boys love them too.

Nick Parks comment about people less well off than himself but the fire into perspective though.

BTW think the site looks V swish how in the heck did you make it.