May 11, 2011

Best Construction Company Slogan Ever

Eddie Torres runs E. T. General Construction Inc. in Brooklyn. He has the best construction company slogan ever:

Phone E. T. for your home.

I would totally hire a construction guy with a nerdy sense of humor.

(You know, if he was also good at construction.)


Great slogan but what a waste of a design. I can’t decide whether it’s hideous or atrocious.

I saw a slogan on the back of a construction pick-up truck once - sadly I can’t remember the company - but their slogan was “You’ll love our erections”
it still makes me chuckle!

I don’t know if I could stand to hire a contractor with kerning that bad…

@ Gary: I have an old t-shirt that reads, “Orange County Erectors - We Get It Up”.

Best sign is at a place in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I laugh at it nearly every day.