July 5, 2007

Idea: The Alien Stapler

I recently rewatched the Alien movies. I must still have Aliens on my mind because today I got a little creeped out by my stapler (it’s the one on the right):

Alien Vs. Stapler

All this leads me to the thought: They should make a stapler shaped like the Alien. And it should have one of those staple trays that reloads by extending outward, instead of having to open the top.

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I actually did a comic about this once, kinda.


I’m sure I’ve seen someone pointing out the similarity somewhere else before… wasn’t it here? Anyways, who knows, it could be the new executive toy… if executives actually use staplers?

That is so amazingly true. Staplers are now so much scarier.

What about a whole AVP suite? Alien head stapler, Predator head staple remover, a Predator staff letter opener, An alien egg with a slimey sponge inside to wet your finger for stamps and letters, a Predator arm-band style case that opens up to have AVP stationary in it! Complete with calculator! JESUS I WANT ONE SOOOOO BAD NOW.

You still use staples?

I thought paper and all its trappings had been outlawed.

And the staples themselves should squish into creepy threatening alien shapes.

Somewhat related, since both are pareidolia of big-headed, unearthly creatures: the mango medusa!

I absolutely love this idea, I love this blog as well, aces :)

:) haha! brilliant!

They mostly come out at night…..mostly.

I actually have a stapler that looks remarkably like the alien, but not exactly as detailed. AND, when you go to reload the staple tray, it shoots out like the tongue!


your thumb is creepy!