I have to forwarn that this section is far from complete.  I'm slowly but surely adding more information about each season's episodes.  There are 97 episodes to write about, so bear with me.  It's gonna take some time.   Eventually, I plan to have the title, synopsis, guest stars and screen captures from every episode.  If you have any information to add or help with, or video tapes or screen images you can supply, please e-mail it to me at david@lilbill.net.  Thanks!

Episode Number: 1.01 Title: "The Pilot"
Synopsis: When Li'l Bill arrives at White House Elementary School for his first day of class at his new school, the helicopter pilot who flew him there turns out to be a not-so-nice guy.  The pilot breaks into the school that night and steals money from a teacher's desk.  Of course, everybody blames the new kid, Bill.  Everybody, that is, except Hill.  She helps Bill prove his innocence by finding a way to prove it was the pilot who dunnit.
Notes:  The first ever episode in the series, this episode marks the first appearance of Bill, Hill, George, Al, Janet, and Socks the Flying Cat; features guest star Dabney Coleman as voice of the pilot.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 2.01 Title: "Balabananza"
Synopsis: On a class field trip, the gang heads out west to visit an actual working cattle ranch.  While there, the gang run into character actor Bob Balaban who is on a "City Slickers" type vacation to the ranch, trying to get away from the hectic pace of a working actor's life by absorbing himself in the natural environment of a cattle ranch.  Well, the kids have only the best intentions when they decide that they're going to help Mr. Balaban have a nice relaxing time.  But gosh, how things go awry.  By the end of the episode, I was in stitches from laughing so hard.
Notes:  Bob Balaban guest stars as himself in this episode; also, this is the first Lorenzo Music episode, after Mr. Music took over for Dave Coulier as the voice of Li'l Bill.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 2.03 Title: "Making a Mountain Out Of a Mole, Hill"
Synopsis: All the boys are heading to Ranger Scout Adventure Camp, and Hill wants to go.  But the Ranger Scouts is an all-boys club!  Hill cleverly points out that nowhere in the Ranger Scouts handbook does it actually say that Ranger Scouts have to be boys, and they let her come along.  When the hiking expedition reaches the top of the mountain, the gang sets up camp.  In the middle of the night, a hungry bear comes through, ravaging the camp site.  Who do you think manages to save they day?
Notes:  Guest starring Buzz Aldren as the voice of the hungry bear.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 2.05 Title: "That's Al, Folks"
Synopsis: After learning about the Lost Ditchman's Mine in school, the gang heads out on a jungle adventure to find treasure.  Along the way, Al gets bitten by an alligator, kidnapped by a giant bird, dropped into the bird's nest, squeezed by a constrictor snake, stabbed with a spear, trampled by an elephant, run over by an off-road vehicle, frozen in ice, and burned by lava.  When the kids finally find the mine, they discover that the treasure inside is actually canned peaches.
Notes:  This episode marks the only time we hear Al's voice; guest starring Elizabeth Taylor as Al.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 2.10 Title: "Good Old Fashioned Whippings"
Synopsis: Janet's cousin Josie comes to visit from the ranch in Florida.  It turns out that they look alike in every way except for the fact that Janet wears glasses and her cousin doesn't.  They have fun confusing people at Janet's school by putting Janet's glasses on Josie and it's really funny.  Then Janet goes to Florida to visit Josie at the ranch and wants to do the same thing except Janet learns that Josie doesn't go to school because she's home schooled.  Janet thinks that's crazy and tells Josie that her parents are cultists because they home school.  They get in a big fight and Janet calls the rest of the gang to come down to the Floridian Ranch and kick some serious cultist butt.
Notes:  Guest starring Mindy Cohn as Josie.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 3.03 Title: "Last Bill and Testament"
Synopsis: During Science class, Al discovers a way to clone human beings.  When a mishap in the lunch room knocks Bill into Al's clone machine, there are suddenly dozens of Bill clones running around!  But there can be only one Bill!  So Bill has to kill all the Bill clones.  But when one of the Bill clones plots to kill Bill, the kids have to come up with a clever way to determine which Bill is the real Bill.
Notes:  One of only two episodes in which Bill doesn't have his lunchbox.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 4.01 Title: "Juniper Flowers"
Synopsis: Coming Soon.
Notes:  First appearance of Ken and Linda.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 5.08 Title: "Go Stand Over There"
Synopsis: George discovers a dead body laying near the railroad tracks in the woods near the school.  The gang heads through the woods on an adventure to see the body.  As we all remember, it turns out that George only thought he saw a dead body, when it fact it was just a big bag of manure.
Notes:  This episode is in fact loosely based on a book by acclaimed horror novelist R.L. Stine entitled Goosebumps #109; this episode guest starred Martin Mull as the voice in George's head.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 5.13 Title: "The Li'l Bill & Hill Christmas Special"
Synopsis: The kids at White House Elementary School are putting on a school play, a theatrical adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, starring Li'l Bill as Ebenezer Scrooge.  But Bill is so caught up in his own stardom that he loses all sense of what the holiday is really about.  After going to bed one night, Bill is visited by three ghosts who teach him about the True Meaning of Christmas.
Notes:  This very special episode is based on that classic movie Scrooged starring Bill Murray.   It is the only episode to air during Prime Time.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 6.01 Title: "Another Fine Mess"
Synopsis: Coming Soon.
Notes:  This episode marks the first appearance of Messy Monica.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 7.07 Title: "They Might Be Big, Big, Fake, Fake Lies"
Synopsis: This episode was a departure from the show's usual format.  Instead of the usual adventure, this episode featured all the characters in three music videos set to songs by musical group They Might Be Giants.  The three songs are "Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head", "She's Actual Size", and "Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass Of Incandescent Gas)".
Notes:  This episode guest starred the They Might Be Giants tribute band Sapphire Bullets as the musical group They Might Be Giants.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

Episode Number: 8.04 Title: "A Bitter Bill to Swallow"
Synopsis: Coming Soon
Notes:  This episode is the second episode in which Bill does not have his lunch box.
TV Screen Captures: Coming Soon.

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