It's all your favorite Saturday Morning characters:
Li'l Bill, George, Linda, Messy Monica, Al, Ken,
Janet, Hill, and Socks the Flying Cat
All on one web site!

"The work of a genius, albeit a warped one."
- The Detroit Free Press

"A very clever web site."
- Mark Standriff, Toledo's NewsRadio 1370 WSPD

Political Site of the Day for February 15, 2002

"This. Is. Amazing... one of the most thorough acts of alternate history I've ever seen."
- BoingBoing

"A brilliant sendup of both the Clinton follies and of animation fan sites"
-The Group W Bench

"It's the greatest children's cartoon show you never saw"

"Here's a plug for an animated series that will never be!"

"Someone finally made a fansite for the show."

"The bizarre concept and pitch-perfect execution makes everything funnier"

"If anything could lighten my mood from the past few days, it's a website devoted
to a cartoon that never existed... It's brilliant & funny."

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It was created as satire, and nobody gave permission for their name or likeness to be used.