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In reverse chronological order:

How to Join a Social Network in 1998

The Mystery of Why Uber Gave Me 77 Free Rides (or, How I Accidentally Gamed The System)

How Postage Stamps Are Made

Sunday Magazine is back. With a twist!

Inventor Portrait: Alan Adler (AeroPress; Aerobie)

My Letter From Oliver Sacks

A short documentary about a street puppeteer, his craft, and an unconventional friendship

Idea: Pop Culture Twitter Lists

New York City photographed with the Game Boy Camera in 2000

How Captain America Got His Stripes

House of Cards Season 2 Opening Credits Comparison in Animated GIFs

Idea: A sign at the top of Mt. Everest

Idea: A new automatic setting for cameras

Check out this creative teenage hip-hop artist in Nashville

Interview with me on the "Unprofessional" podcast

I wrote it, you made it: A Spoiler Tag

Idea: A Spoiler Tag

Idea: Content-Sensitive Transcription Formatting

HeadBlade Inventor Todd Greene

Douglas Engelbart (1925-2013)

Julie Brown and Charlie Brown

Idea: Person-based reminders

More From The Idea Dump Pile

I wrote it, you made it: Cartoons I Didn’t Draw

Idea: A Natural History T-Shirt

Idea: A Router Emergency Switch

Cell Phone Inventor Marty Cooper

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About My Mac

An Inventor For Math And Magic Fans

The Invention of Long Island Iced Tea

The Gutenberg Eyebrow

Cartoons I Didn’t Draw

Idea: The Brown Family Portrait

Idea: Two Time Travel Movies Released In Real Time

Behind The Post: The Luke Hope Poster

Idea: Someone should start a tumblr.

Idea: The Movie Poster Alphabet

Idea: Zombies vs. Senior Citizens

Idea: Famous For 15 Minutes: The Movie

Idea: Purposely Mislabeled Bottles for Air Travel

Idea: The Exclamation Point Limiter!

Coming soon: An Idea Dump

Inventor Portrait: Esther Takeuchi

The First Software Patent


Idea: A Plug-in That Throws Out the High and Low Score Reviews

Inventors Episode 2: Batter Blaster

Better than carpet that matches the drapes

"Inventors" series debuts with PBS Digital Studios

Idea: Text Supercuts

60 Seconds in the Life of a Weeble

How I Scored A Million Points In SpellTower [Guest Post]

Idea: Toddler TARDIS Console

Protect Abed

Inventor Portrait: Ralph Baer, video game inventor, who turns 90 years old this week

Bob& Carol& Ted& Alice.

Idea: Add Thsrs to a Twitter App

I See The Millennium Falcon


Keming Revisited

60 Seconds in the Life of a Dog

Idea: Vampire Victim Teething Toys

Idea: The @TwentyWords Retweeter

Neil Illusions

San Diego Comic Con 1988

Inventor Portrait: Ernest Nussbaum

100 Year Old Patriotic Song Revived for 4th of July

Three Drawings of Don Quixote

Idea: .ugh Top Level Domain

Thing Three and Thing Four

An interview in which all my secrets are revealed

Idea: Useless QR Codes

Best Construction Company Slogan Ever

Steven Sasson, Inventor of the Digital Camera

Idea: A New ‘Save’ Icon

I wrote an article for Slate.com

60 Seconds in the Life of Flare

Soylent Green is People Magazine!

Product Placement in Amazon Reviews for Related Products

I wrote it, you made it: The Make-out Hoodie

A 30-Year Contact Print on Construction Paper

Idea: The fab key.

Idea: Crowdfund a mission to put a monolith on the moon

A standpipe disguised as a rooster

Esoteric Comic #6

Another important poll

Idea: The uncanny valley as a plot element

60 Seconds in the Life of a Boat

This Hotel Has A Lot Of Rooms

What you’ve missed if you don’t read SundayMagazine.org

Idea: Make-out Hoodies

Mad Men Don’t Lie

Stop Moose and Squirrel

How much for lower case?

The Clavin

Animated Subway Tiles

The Best 3-D Experience I Ever Had

Idea: HBO vs HBO fighting game

Idea: The Inverse of the Guggenheim

Meet Brent Farley

Idea: Put a dishwasher in the bedroom

Idea: eBooks that watch you read

Announcing a new blog: SundayMagazine.org

Shower Poll

Idea: A new kind of volume control

Idea: The Email Abstract Field

They Don’t Make Computer Manuals Like They Used To

Esoteric Comic #5

Idea: The Russian Roulette Chair

60 Seconds in the Life of a Subway Window

Remaindered Ideas Part III

Esoteric Comic #4

I See Princess Leia

Radioactive Thread

The Manhattan Tongue Project

The Bulbdial Clock is now available!

60 Seconds in the Life of Thanksgiving

Inventor portrait gallery on Time.com

Actors you forgot were in Tim Burton movies

A scene from life rewritten as a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm

Forensic Reconstruction of Famous Skulls of Fiction

Quiz: So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?

Esoteric Comic #3

The Variety of Rubber Mouse Noses

Idea: Anthony Michael Hall and Martha Stewart make an elephant lamp

Idea: Rename the Health Bill

Migraine Typing

The Google Voice Speed Dial Bookmarklet Generator

Idea: The Smiley as AP Copy Protection

Esoteric Comic #2

Inventors Tom and Jerry

Esoteric Comic #1

Animated Manhattan: Wonder Pets

Idea: The Outlet Wall

The Death of TV on the Radio

The blog post picture from beyond the grave

60 Seconds in the Life of Windows

Idea: Motion-detecting cell phone ringer

Post-it Note inventor watches Sticky Note Experiments

First Look: Citizen Kane 3D

I wrote it, you made it: The Bulbdial Clock

Idea: T-Shirts for Hairy-Chested Men

Idea: Not Your Usual Talking Dog Movie

Idea: Progressively Packed Produce

Top Thsrs Search Terms

Idea: The Blogosphere Adventure Game

Real Life Multitouch

I wrote it, you made it: Histoface

Coraline Box #40

I wrote it, you made it: A commercial

The Natural Cure For [Copy Goes Here]

I wrote it, you made it: Montris

First Line

The Breakfast Cereal Club

Idea: Noah’s Hand Everyday

Idea: Treadmill eBook Reader

Auto Industry FAIL

60 Seconds in the Life of a Mold Injection Machine

Why didn’t anybody tell me about Ovation TV?

At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Murder in the Hundred Acre Wood

Idea: Reboot the Terminator

Choose wisely.

60 Seconds in the Life of the Election Center

UPDATE: Skywalker "HOPE" Posters and Shirts are once again available

The November 4 Simulator

Announcing my new photography blog

I’d buy that logo for a dollar!

60 Seconds in the Life of a Webcrawler

In a political campaign far, far away…

Ow, My Eyes!

10 Lessons From the Movies

5 More Remainder Ideas

Idea: How I would do iPhone cut and paste

I See Darth Vader

Canada’s 1,968 foot wide movie

I see AT-AT walkers

Idea: Performance Enhanced Video Games

Ironic Sans in the New York Sun

Idea: Palindrome road trip

60 Seconds in the Life of a Tree

Idea: Thsrs, The Shorter Thesaurus

Idea: Electric Outlet 2.0

The Daily Show: As the World Turns

Idea: A giant Lego made out of Legos

Idea: A Bar in Silicon Valley

Idea: Corporate Artists in Residence

Blogs, Bloggers, and Blogeurs

A tree grows in Brooklyn Bridge Park

60 Seconds in the Life of Commuters

How bold can Darth Vader be?

Idea: Measuring cups that look like tiny pots

Googlyi: An iGoogle Theme

Happy Overpass

Video Store Clerk Game: A Crowd Wisdom Experiment

Idea: Tactile Feedback While Driving

Eyeglasses and the pushing up thereof

A photo of a tree

Idea: The Wikroll

Idea: The Bulbdial Clock

Animated Manhattan: G.I. Joe: The Movie

If you’re attending SXSW this weekend…

The Other Art of Courtroom Sketch Artists

Idea: A new typography term

Idea: The last product Polaroid should make

Blogs: The Book

Idea: Scientist Valentines

Idea: Other Custom Islands

Humor in a Jugular Vein

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Propagandists

60 Seconds in the Life of a Humidifier

Glamour Mug Shots

Idea: The Gethuman Dialer Application

I see a Sandcrawler

Idea: Tetris one brick at a time

Animated Manhattan: Downtown

New Ironic Sans merch for the Holidays

Bookstore Befuddlement

Idea: Truly Crappy Statues


60 Seconds in the Life of a Puddle

The Constitutionality of Storyboarding

Halloween on the Upper West Side

Interview: Art Binninger, the Ed Wood of 1970s stop-motion animated Star Trek parodies

Animated Manhattan: Casper the Friendly Ghost

Best book title ever

The Original Must See Movies Checklist

Reader takes Histogram Idea even further

Advertising on the overhead bin now a reality

Idea: The Histogram as the Image

Puzzle: Find the Hidden Picture

Book Trend: A Novel

Idea: Color Photos with the Game Boy Camera

Adam Rex Contest: The Winner

Adam Rex Contest: Vote for the winner

Contest: Win original Adam Rex artwork

Idea: Celebrity middle finger coat hooks

The Beetlejuice House

Discovered by PC Magazine

Animated Manhattan: TMNT

Dog Day Anniversary

60 Seconds in the Life of the Wonder Wheel

Idea: Give the boss a grade

Idea: Breed a "Mickey" Mouse

Photos from the Galapagos Islands

Bad Fake New Yorker Cartoons

60 Seconds in the Life of the Galapagos Islands

Top 5 Remainder Ideas

Terrorist organization logos

Idea: The Alien Stapler

She’s a vector girl. I’m a bitmap guy.

A new billboard in Times Square

The best and worst of The Economist

Idea: Lolcatvertisements

Idea: The Sensory Deprivation game

A Graphic Designer clears his name

New Delta ad campaign an in-joke for nerds?

Idea: The Hamburdog

Idea: You Say You Want An Evolution (T-Shirt)

Idea: "12" — a spinoff of "24" for kids

Basketball Court

Murmur at the poetry slam.

Interview: Morgan Taylor, creator of Gustafer Yellowgold

Idea: Uncensor the Internet with Greasemonkey

Crash into me

The best employee ever

"The Week" in review

Idea: The Digital Jewel Box

Animated Manhattan: Shortbus

New species of falcon named after Millennium Falcon

Idea: Develop an F-Bomb

Idea: The Kotter Family Tree

A mattress commercial I’d like to see

Joost Invitation Contest - Part II

Joost invitation contest - Part I

The fine print

Mauling Helena

Idea: Joost’s missing feature

Binder clip

50 States in 10 Minutes

George Bush and Jack Bauer

I see the Death Star

Libby Lewis on Lewis Libby

Idea: Simultain-O-Vision


Idea: An Orange Clockwork

Le Reve - The Blog

60 Seconds in the Life of Seagulls

"Dear Sophina" — An amazing follow-up to "The Astoria Notes"

Idea: Paintings of descriptions of the paintings

Idea: "CNN Fortune Cookie" Greasemonkey script

Every ad in Times Square

60 Seconds in the Life of Summer

The Astoria Notes

Have your own millionaire Picasso experience

Idea: Fun with facial recognition

Animated Manhattan: The Wild

Idea: Word balloons as quotation marks

Ironic Sans 2006 in Review

Celebrity Patents

I see R2-D2

Pointless Vandalism

Idea: A virtual slide projector

Receipts of Unusual Size

Idea: A "Flying Wiimotes" Screen Saver

A subway ad paradox

Animated Manhattan: Late Night With Conan O’Brien (Opening Credits)

The Burt Reynolds Museum

Idea: A building shaped like Godzilla

Those wacky Canadians

60 Seconds in the Life of Tae Kwan Do Class

Idea: Commemorative T-shirts for Fictional Events

By nobody who brought you Jurassic Park

A museum recommendation and a recommendation for the museum

Louise Brooks’ 100th Birthday

Idea: Use "apparent" when it’s not simply "alleged."

Interview: Louis Klein, audience member of nearly every episode of Saturday Night Live

What about Southbund?

Interview: Andrew Brody of the Princeton Review LSAT Podcast

60 Seconds in the Life of a Painting

When you need those photos in a rush

Idea: Another commercial I’d like to see

Designing Ironic Sans

Animated Manhattan: Red Garden

Running on Empty, Stopping at Studio 60

Idea: The Mr. T Virtual Playset

Idea: The Wii Workout


Idea: College Admissions reality show

Idea: Approve of more than just "this message."

But they already have their own chairs

Clean up in aisle two

Interview: Seetharaman Narayanan


Idea: Fiber Optic Streetlights

Six Feet Dahlia

Idea: "Hello My Name Is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" name tag shirts

Idea: Dunder Mifflin branded paper

Amp’d Mobile’s "Li’l Bush" seems strangely familiar

Five years after 9/11/2001

Animated Manhattan: Oliver & Company

Idea: Pac-Man napkin holder with Ghost salt and pepper shakers

Idea: The iZod

Interview with Adam Rex, illustrator and author of "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich"

60 Seconds in the Life of Rafa Nadal’s Shadow

Agassi vs. Pavel vs. Agassi vs. Pavel…

Thumbing through the dictionary

Idea: The "O Fortuna" Short Film Festival

60 Seconds in the Life of a Fly

Norbert Wiener slept here

Idea: "CSI: Drive Time"

Idea: Take "jowlers" to the next level

Idea: The Ant Desk

Plane in a Snake

The Day Lorenzo Music Died

60 Seconds in the Life of Clouds

Idea: Wear your DNA on your sleeve

A parallel istaverse

Animated Manhattan: An American Tail

Turn of the century racist jokebooks

Big Boggle box bears best board

Green means stop. Red means go.

Idea: A "Critical Thinking" section on the SAT

How one man sent one e-mail and took down my entire website. And he didn’t even know it.

The Art of 1010 WINS

Idea: A new slogan for New Jersey

Terrorism makes this ad special

The Eutats of Ytrebil.

Uma Thurman’s Severed Head

60 Seconds in the Life of Snow

Animated Manhattan: Madagascar

Idea: A new TV show gimmick

Idea: A new movie gimmick

Idea: A five dollar "skip" button on jukeboxes

Idea: Under-the-seat carry-on boarding first

You got your picture in my logo

60 Seconds in the Life of an Aquarium

Idea: Two functions in one button

Georgia O’Kleenex

Idea: A new mental disorder diagnosis

Idea: Lexidiem, the word of the day.

This cliché is dead. Long live this cliché!

Is that a Pepsi logo on that Coca-Cola product?

Remote Remake

Hot town. Summer in the city.

60 Seconds in the Life of the Apple Store Stairs

Idea: The Correlation Project

Animated Manhattan: The Critic

When Isamu Met Bucky

Idea: A parking lot compass

Random Acts of Emphasis

60 Seconds in the Life of Luggage

9/11 in 3D


I see storm troopers.

Idea: A remake of "Fred Ott’s Sneeze"

Freaks stay at Marriott?

Animated Manhattan: Futurama

Idea: Another commercial I’d like to see

100,000 hits

Blog Name or Band Name?

The Google Maps Guide to Ghostbusters

Animated Manhattan: Fantasia 2000: "Rhapsody in Blue"

60 Seconds in the Life of a Wild Tail Pet Toy

60 Seconds in the Life of a Bear and Sea Captain

Museum store shop for is open inspiration!


Boris Vallejo’s palette

Flaky Advertising

How Google Book Search saved the day

Animated Manhattan: Family Guy

Flat footed art

60 Seconds in the Life of Sea Lions

It’s like an Amazing Window that let’s you See Through a Wall!

The Chevy Bandwagon

60 Seconds in the Life of Landing Gear

Idea: The Pacifist Chess Set

Animated Manhattan: Tom & Jerry - Mouse in Manhattan

Idea: "Less is."

Idea: The Ishihara Triptych

Idea: "What’s your AIM Name?"

60 Seconds in the Life of a Staircase

60 Seconds in the Life of a Skater Boy

Idea: Design for a WTC Monument

Thanks for the hits

Lost in translation

Idea: Advertisements on the overhead bins

Animated Manhattan: The Simpsons

Idea: An album of Misirlou covers

Idea: A website for reviewing restaurants in airports

Idea: A poster for a dorm room.

60 Seconds in the Life of a Taxi Meter

Idea: Pre-pixelated clothes for Reality TV shows

Animated Manhattan: Sundae in New York

Watch "V" on-line for free!

The Hall of Fame Hall of Fame

Balabananza, the Convention for Bob Balaban Fans.

Original Wallace and Gromit only worth £6,000. Total.

60 Seconds in the Life of Escalators

Happy Pi Day

Animated Manhattan: Antz

Idea: A commercial for batteries

60 Seconds in the Life of Steam

Viral Life imitates Bad Art

They seemed so much happier as citizens

Lou Costello’s 100th Birthday

Animated Manhattan: Fritz the Cat

Michelangelo’s "David" meets David’s "George Bush"

60 Seconds in the Life of Laundry

Idea: Ironic Sans