June 25, 2016

Sunday Magazine is back. With a twist!

Hey, everyone! Longtime readers (and if this is still popping up in your RSS feed, I’m not sure there’s any other kind) will remember that I used to run a side project called SundayMagazine.org, where each week I posted the most interesting articles from the New York Times Sunday Magazine exactly 100 years ago that week, usually with some commentary about its relevancy to today. I even wrote an article about it for Slate.

Well, when I had kids, I lost time for those sorts of side projects, and I put SundayMagazine on hiatus. In the meantime, I’ve had occasional requests from people who wanted to pick up the mantle, and I’ve considered handing over the reigns. But it never worked out. Until now.

SundayMagazine is now being run by Jesse Rifkin, a DC-based journalist. I’m sure his taste in articles to highlight will differ from mine, as will his writing style. (He’s probably a much better writer than I am). I look forward to seeing where he takes things. Check out his first post, introducing himself to readers. And then add (or re-add) SundayMagazine to your reading habits.

The website: www.sundaymagazine.org
The twitter: @sundaymagazine
The Facebook: facebook.com/sundaymagazine

(Please note that SundayMagazine has been dormant for nearly five years, and is in serious need of updating. Some things may be broken. We’ll fix things as we go.)

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