June 11, 2015

A short documentary about a street puppeteer, his craft, and an unconventional friendship

How has it been so long since I’ve written anything here? Is anyone still reading me? If so, I have something new to show you. I’m really proud of how my latest short documentary turned out.

It’s about Ricky Syers, a street performer in Washington Square Park, and his friendship with Doris Diether, a local community activist who spends a lot of time in the park. The two of them are so endearing, and a couple of real New York characters. Check it out!


Still reading this blog when it pops up in my blog reader. Delightful and charming documentary. Thx.

Real characters indeed! Nicely done. Your video, about the relationships, doesn’t give us the idea of just how good a drummer Syers’s puppet ‘Chopsy’ really is.

For that, check out this video. Or this homage to Neil Peart.

That was a pretty neat story. Thank you. I wish them both well. (I came here from my rss reader so yes, there are still people following your writings.)

I still check it every Sunday to see if you’ve put up something new. Definitely appreciate the update, Ironic Sans is a kind of window into fascinating little oddities and things off the beaten path that I don’t normally run into online. I do hope you can update more often!

Nice documentary.

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