May 6, 2014

New York City photographed with the Game Boy Camera in 2000

Back in 2000, I was playing around with a Game Boy Camera, trying to use it to take color photos. (I finally got that to work.) When I first got the camera, I took a walk through midtown taking pictures. I just came across the images and thought I’d share them here for posterity (scaled up to 200% for visibility on our fancy modern displays).

Rockefeller Plaza:

The New York Public Library:

A Giacometti statue at MOMA:

A slice of pizza:

A park bench:

Toy taxis being sold on the street:

A subway car speeding past:

A subway passenger:

Another subway passenger:

Selfie sporting a goatee:


I smell an idea for the next Instagram filter.

Very awesome photos!

Dunno if you’re familiar with the site but it is sort of a GameBoy Camera app coming to phones this summer and already active via flash online with webcams. I imagine shots like this will become much more active on the web this summer!

Check out Power Up for iOS, it does a greenish Game Boy filter as well as NES/SNES/Genesis etc.

(not my app, just a user)

Very cool pics, also the last photo might be one of the first selfies around

Check out “ConsoleCam” by Mediafour in the iOS app store. The full version offers dozens of consoles, including Gameboy and Gameboy Color, for your ‘old school’ rendering pleasure. (not my app, just a user)

I think selfies had been around for a while before 2000:

8-bit pocket camera is another iOS app that simulates the game boy camera (not my app, just a user)

these are awesome.

it’s amazing how a few pixels can still capture an essence/atmosphere… they also feel very Dark Castle-y

shameless plug: also this other 8-bit app (I helped build)

This is so cool!! Great job! 14 years ago with Nintendo camera! It’s amazing to see how things have changed!

The photos look very cool, halfway “real”, halfway “game graphics” - and very familiar style to me building a
Thermal Printer Photobooth! I think these would look awesome printed on a thermal printer…

Classic! How far we gone in portable photography

Wow, so many ads in the comments.

It’s funny how you call it a selfie now, where 14 years ago no one would have been silly enough to call it such a dumb name.