October 8, 2013

I wrote it, you made it: A Spoiler Tag

Well that was fast. On Thursday I proposed a new standard HTML tag for redacting spoilers. It could be customized with an expiration date (for things that don’t need to be redacted long term) and had some other features I’d like to see.

Well, it’s not an HTML standard yet, but Google Engineer Michael Ashbridge did come up with a way for people to add this feature to their own websites using Google’s Polymer library.

Check out his demo to see what his implementation looks like and how you can use it.

Awesome. Now do any of my readers have a contact at the W3C?


This seems pretty cool.

I think it would be cool to be able to (optionally) say which show/book etc. something comes from, and also which episode/chapter. Then users could set somewhere in their preferences what they don’t want spoiled and where they’ve seen up to. That would remove any need for expiration dates (as I explained in the other thread) as users can decide for themselves when something is no longer a spoiler.