May 31, 2013

More From The Idea Dump Pile

[This post is part of an idea dump.]

Here are more ideas on my list of blog posts I won’t get around to writing:

• A house on stilts that resembles an AT-AT


• Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a British accent. This is just something that I want to hear. Unfortunately I have no access to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Has he ever done one in any of his movies?

• A video game where the player’s perspective is from beneath an invisible floor, looking up. That’s as far as I got. I’m not sure how this would factor into the game mechanics. What kind of game would use this perspective? Maybe you’re a janitor and you have to scrape gum off the bottom of desks?

• Gwhack-a-mole. It’s a wackamole game but instead of plastic moles popping up that you hit with a mallet, they’re avocados. And as you whack them, they get mashed up. And when you’re done, you have guacamole. Just add cilantro, onions, salt, lime juice, and some diced tomatoes.

• An internet cafe with a meme-themed menu like:
      • A sandwich on a Rickroll
      • A side of Godwin Slaw
      • Peanut Butter Jelly Time Sandwich
      • Chocolate Rain Sundae
      • 2 Sodas 1 Cup
      • Diet Coke and Mentos

More next time…


There is a book (Constellation Games) where an alien race uses idea #4 in their games. They are a water based race, so the view from underneath actually makes sense.

I clicked through from reader to comment exactly that Chas. Great book.

I clicked through from Reader to comment exactly that, Chas and Ry4an. Except I thought it was a mediocre book. Good ideas, not very well put together. In the end, possibly worth reading, maybe moreso for fans of this site. Now, if Constellation Games had included a game that combined Ideas 3 AND 4, that would be something.

There might be a Japanese h-game that involves peeking up schoolgirls’ skirts. I’m not gonna try and look for it though…

Guacamole without garlic? Shame.

AFK Tavern in Everett WA comes sorta close to #6, though their menu names are mostly gaming-oriented. But they do have Poached Spaghetti Monster.