March 22, 2013

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About My Mac

Tech blogger Shawn Blanc asked me to contribute to his long-running series of Sweet Mac Setups by describing my hardware/software for his readers. I happily obliged in pornographic detail. So if you’ve ever wondered (as I’m sure you no doubt have) just what kind of computer I use, and what software I use, and why I still burn files on optical media, and how many plants are near my desk, and what my favorite iPhone calendar app is, and what’s on each of my hard drives, then here’s your chance to read all about My Sweet Mac Setup.


I’d like to know about the giant five.

(Captcha: Hessian twebind. I’m going to write that down in case I ever need a fictional color in a historical fantasy novel.)

The five was a gift from my wife on our fifth wedding anniversary (wood being the traditional fifth anniversary material). The ridge is inscribed with sweet sentiments. -David

Your desk and environs look much more traditional than your mind.