February 7, 2013

Idea: Zombies vs. Senior Citizens

[This post is part of an idea dump.]

Someone should make a zombie movie that takes place in a community of really old people. Because one group lumbers along slowly, moaning, with one foot in the grave. And the other one is zombies.


Check out the film Bubba Ho-Tep. A mummy terrorizes a nursing home, and the only residents who can stop it are Elvis Presley and JFK.

I’ve only seen the trailer, but Cockneys vs Zombies goes there - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0hap9XRg6o

When Harry Met Sally 2: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/0247468f28/when-harry-met-sally-2-with-billy-crystal-helen-mirren

(kinda giving away the twist by posting it here, but still hilarious)

Lee, you beat me to it. Bubba Ho-Tep is a classic in my book.