February 11, 2013

Idea: The Movie Poster Alphabet

[This post is part of an idea dump.]

I never posted this idea because I wasn’t able to come up with enough material to finish it. Maybe you can help? Scroll down to the bottom for more about what I’m looking for.

Do you know of any good posters to fill in the gaps? Or better options for the ones I already have? Ideally, I want posters where the letter is featured large and centered. So, for example, “G” above isn’t great because the letter is so small and low. “W” could be better for a similar reason.

Also, it’s okay if there are other letters and words, but I’d like the alphabet letter to be the most prominent thing. That’s why I didn’t use the poster for Blankman, which features a prominent letter “B”, but it’s minor compared to all the distracting words on the poster. And similarly, I struggled with whether to use Malcolm X, seen above, or X-Men: First Class which has a similarly prominent “X” with fewer distractions. I chose Malcolm X for undefinable reasons.

If you have any good suggestions, let me know, and I’ll update the poster.


Vote ‘Pi (1998)’ for P, it’s Greek, so maybe not ideal, but it should be suitable for most purposes.


Here is a list with 55 one-letter movie titles, maybe you can find some there but it seems like some letters are missing.


A good “T” poster is this one for Thor. The hammer looks like a “T” and takes up most of the space.


I also like the “D” poster from the 55 one-letter movies linked to in another comment.

The poster from “Yes Man” has sort of a ‘Y’, if a little bit of a stretch:


Theres these posts :


By french graphic designer Cali Rezo. There’s a lot of work in this style on her blog.

Here’s a 9:

How about the Rite movie poster for the letter T? Its a cross but it’s also like a T, well, lowercase, if you’re not fussed.


What about VI Warshawski for W?
The link must’ve triggered as spam. A search for “VI Warshawski” would work fine.

The other stuff is kinda distracting, Blindness has a prominent ‘B’ http://mariusbrand.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/blindness_movie_poster.jpg

Beastly (not good, but all I got)

C the movie

Vampire Hunter D

J. Edgar

L… I got nothing or N.

P2.. possibly
or Palindromes

T… no dice here.


Jason X (i know, you have one already… two, actually!)

C the movie

Vampire Hunter D

J. Edgar

L… I got nothing or N.

P2.. possibly or Palindromes

Y - The Yakuza

Jason X (i know, you have one already… two, actually!)