February 15, 2013

Idea: The Brown Family Portrait

[This post is part of an idea dump.]

I’d like to see a family portrait, perhaps painted in an old Victorian style, that depicts the following people:

Charlie Brown, Mr. Brown (from Reservoir Dogs), Buster Brown, Molly Brown (the unsinkable), Encyclopedia Brown, James Brown, Gordon Brown, Bobby Brown, and Mr. Brown from the Dr. Suess book about the man who can moo.

Update: And Doc Brown.


I can’t believe you didn’t include Doc Brown!

+1 @Mike

I may not paint, but I will try to digitally enact this idea.
I will write you when it’s done.

It would have to be done in sepia.

What about Father Brown?

I’ve always wanted to see Jack Black and Jack White get together and record a cover of Ebony & Ivory.