December 7, 2012


We bought these books for our son, I Am A Garbage Truck and I Am A Fire Truck. Every time I see them I have the same thought: AMA.


In the Throwing Muses song “Hate My Way”, Kristin Hersh laments: “A slug. I’m TV.” AMA?

I’m always puzzled by the fascination of small kids with garbage trucks ;)

I want to leave a comment on the “I See The Millennium Falcon” but the commenting for that post is now disabled, so I’m leaving my comment here. I hope that’s ok.

That coffee cup lid is making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Thanks to running the lid closer to Maw’s black holes and therefore cutting the distance traveled.

I can’t help but remember how my parents used to buy all those stuff for my baby brother. I must admit that I enjoyed going over those myself as I read for him.