February 27, 2012

Bob& Carol& Ted& Alice.

Now here’s a timely parody. It combines elements of a popular t-shirt from 2001 that’s already been parodied to death and a movie from 1969 about swingers that you probably haven’t seen.

But it’s been rattling in my head begging to be done, so here it is:

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Now, it’s possible this has already been done. I mean, what else in popular culture is already set up as four names with ampersands between them? It’s almost as though the movie title was meant for this parody. But if so, I couldn’t find it. However I’m pretty sure that my other idea for a Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice poster parody hasn’t been done. I couldn’t even bring myself to do it. It was going to be Bobby & Carol & Greg & Alice. Yeah, I know. (Bonus: just as timely!)

Interestingly, the original movie poster for the film was entirely typographical, having no photos or illustrations. Just the title repeated in Cooper Black with the tagline “consider the possibilities.”


“The Cook & The Thief & His Wife & Her Lover”?

It’s a nice design and it’s impressive how much it’s been copied, but it really should be John&Paul&George&Ringo. Swapping George and Ringo for the sake of formatting is just wrong. Oh well.

Strange, I thought the very inspiration for the Beatles shirt must have been that movie. Thanks for the meme history lesson.

Usually when Alice and Bob and Carol are around, someone’s trying to steal somebody’s identity or eavesdrop on a conversation. I’m looking and looking for the security/cryptography tie-in here, though, and not seeing it…


I don’t get it. I don’t get the original shirt or how this is a “parody”. It’s the name of the original movie. It’s the Beatles’ first names. So what? Why is this a thing?

& a one
& a two
& a

There. That’s my hipster Lawrence Welk T-Shirt. Check, please?

That movie poster may take a whole two minutes to create today with Illustrator or something like that.

Imagine how long must have take to create it back in the ’60s!

Monkeys Monkeys Ted & Alice

Who the heck are Bobby & Carol & Greg & Alice?

donkey, ass, alice, bear