December 15, 2011


I recently discovered that a lot of people use Twitter to write brief open letters to unnamed inventors. They usually are expressing extreme love or extreme hatred for something. Occasionally they are even addressed to the imaginary inventor of something completely intangible like power naps or emotions.

The more I looked into it, the more amusing I found it. So I thought I’d share. Here is a round-up of tweets from the past week addressed to inventors, grouped roughly into categories.


[This space unintentionally left blank. There’s a bug somewhere I need to squash. Just scroll down to the content for now. Thanks.]











You could set up a bot to automatically retweet anything with the phrase “Dear Inventor”.

How many of these inventors are still alive?

For example, the person who coined the term ‘power nap’ is still alive - James B. Maas.

Someone has to let them know they are loved/hated/thanked!

I’m totally building a site that indexes these. These are great!

All males…if you have EVER had the misfortune of zipping up too quickly you understand WHY they invented underwear !! Nuf said !!!

Underwear exists to protect your pants from you.

My favorite: Dear inventor of cherry medican ,HAVE U EVER TASTED A CHERRY????!!!!

My contribution: Dear Inventors of Windshield Wiper Blades, if streaklessness is not possible, can you at least make it so it isn’t exactly at eye level, huh?