July 11, 2011

Inventor Portrait: Ernest Nussbaum

[cross-posted from my photography blog]

This is Ernest Nussbaum, inventor of the Practicello.

The Practicello is a full height cello that breaks down to fit in carry-on luggage. It’s not intended to be good enough to play in a concert, but its just meant for cellists who want to practice while they travel without needing to pay for an extra seat on the airplane to bring their instrument. And since it doesn’t resonate as loudly as a cello with a full body, it’s not going to annoy the people in the hotel room next door.

Here are some more photos from our shoot:


What a beautiful man. An inspiring story.

This was wonderful. A fantastic invention, an intriguing video, and charming photos.

Now I find myself wanting a practice violin, even though I am only a beginner violinist.

This begs the question of how anyone could be annoyed by the sound of a cello in the next hotel room. Cello sounds good no matter what.