May 23, 2011

An interview in which all my secrets are revealed

Luke Burrage is an international juggler. He has a pretty good video montage of himself juggling in spectacular places around the globe to prove it (embedded below). He also writes, and has a podcast of science fiction book reviews. He’s creative in multiple disciplines.

Luke contacted me about a year ago asking if he could interview me for a new project he was planning: a podcast about other people who are creative in multiple disciplines. About eight months ago, he was in New York, and we did the interview. Now that Luke has about ten of these completed, he’s launched Season One of Luke’s Creative Podcast.

He’s just posted our interview as the second episode. Luke is a fan of my various projects, and he asks about things I didn’t realize people even remembered. It’s a pretty in-depth interview, and I tell all my secrets about how I work. It’s a bit long, at just over an hour, so it might be for superfans only. But I think it turned out pretty good.

We talk about inventors, creativity, photography, ideas, patents, creative theft, why I write a blog, how I work on Ironic Sans, etc.

You can hear the episode on Luke’s website or subscribe in iTunes.

Here is Luke’s international juggling video:


Wow! I listened to this podcast interview, and it was simply amazing! In addition to the aim of the podcast, I also learnt a lot I didn’t expect about this website!

Thanks for the reference, I’m definitely subscribing to this podcast!

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