February 11, 2011

I wrote it, you made it: The Make-out Hoodie

Back in August, I envisioned the Make-out Hoodie, a pair of his-and-hers (or whatever combination you’re into) hoodies that form a complete picture when the couple kisses with the hoods up.

This was my concept sketch:

I recently heard from a reader named Nate who said, “Thanks for the idea! My gf and I sewed some simple patches onto some hoodies and they turned out great.”

Here’s their photo:

Thanks, Nate!


Better (?) yet, there’s this piece of shit.

needs a small magnet sewn into each heart so that they attract to each/line up properly other when the couple gets close.

It would go a good way to partially obscure the necking lovebirds I’m crammed up against in a crowded subway train ;)

I expect there are a few hoodies on the market that would line up like this, if not intentionally. For example, this Matryoshka hoodie that I found on Amazon.