January 10, 2011

Idea: The fab key.

The fab key

Macintosh keyboards are typeset in VAG Rounded, a font which happens to have very similar “t” and “f” letterforms. Except for the curve of the “f” they are identical.

The word “tab” on the keyboard is really small. The tallest letter — “b” — is only 3 millimeters tall. Unless you get your eyes really close to the key, it can be hard to see the details of the individual letters.

So I propose that someone should sell novelty replacement keycaps that say “fab” instead of “tab.” It’s pretty easy to swap out keycaps, and you could do it yourself at home in minutes.

Why? Because working at a computer can get monotonous and boring, and this would give you a little secret that only you know, and you could giggle about it in your head every time you press it. Sure, someone else might notice your fab key, but they probably wouldn’t because the letters are so small. And if they do notice, you’ll become known as the person with the quirky keyboard that says “fab” and I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

But maybe you don’t have a Mac, and your tab key has the more common capital “T” that doesn’t resemble an “F” at all. Well, then get a fab key for a Mac-using friend. They make excellent gifts for Beatles fans, people who work at Farnborough Airport, those in the Bolivian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Boliviana), or anyone named Fabrizio.


Given the ‘f/t’ similarity I’d be more likely to buy one if it was a replacement ‘shift’ key, if you get my drift.

But then I’m puerile, and in any case I don’t have a Mac.

How about replace “tab” with a tiny “drain” to remind yourself that’s what you flushed your money down?

Also Thunderbirds fans.

Nice idea, except keyboards don’t look like that in 95% of the world. [img].

Damn. Got a Mac keyboard with a f*ckin’ —>| sign.

You could turn “Tab” with a capital T into a weird semi-serif F. There’s still that stupid

| —->|

symbol, though.

very neat, you seem quite adapt at this
form of promotion. Am sorta new at it.
but promotion IS very strong within me;
was my second or so vent: daverave.net .o
is the result of my hope’s of saying
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coming about around collegetime for
me… SO it was in mind since then
that all i drew [daverave.net/images/PTL.jpg]
could reach the world that’ll be hip.

Every time I read a new post of yours, I love this blog just /that/ much more.

I definitely want a fab key, and I’ll take a second for my girlfriend!

I’d buy one for sure.

How about all lowercase letters on the individual keys for that “quirky” look.

that’s like lateral thinking.
I want one. Where to buy it? ;(

that is so gay.

For a really wild idea, how about a set of keycaps that show the pronounciation of the letters? So instead of Q W E R T Y the first row would say cue doubleyu ee ar tee way. (Of course the W key would need really small lettering…)

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