December 7, 2010

Esoteric Comic #6

What was Deep Throats favorite font? Marker Felt!


Also known as a “stand-up gnomic”.

Follow up:

“What did Joe Strummer say when he encountered a font he hated?”

“The serif don’t like it.”


“Which font is most like Mussolini?”

“Roman Oblique.”

(actually from Forlì, but get off my ass. You’re not paying me for this shit.)

Wouldn’t marker felt be his LEAST favorite font? Why would he want any font to call attention to his real name, given that Deep Throat was trying to be anonymous?

“What’s the difference between Thomas F. Wilson on MDMA… and Comic Sans?”

“One’s a glad Biff. The other’s a bad glyph.”


I had to do too much research to get this to find it funny afterwards.

To rectify this I plan to get blind drunk and review this page in a few years time.

Please don’t delete the internet or something until then. Thanks!