October 21, 2010

This Hotel Has A Lot Of Rooms

Must be a really long hallway.


Nice catch.

Assuming an average hotel room width of 13’-6”, the hallway is 425 miles long, approximately the distance between Memphis and Dallas.

Is that Hilbert’s Grand Hotel?

I would hate to be in the room at the end of the hall. Even the middle would suck.

Also take into consideration the house keepers needed to clean these rooms. Assuming a full house (on this one floor), it takes house keepers at most 30 mins per room to clean completely. You would need almost 21,000 housekeepers to clean the floor. That’s one way to solve unemployment.

Ah, the joys of typographically uneducated people. Would the sign read “↑ 316–333, 339” it would be unambiguous.

Ah, the joys of people without a clue of typography and associated semantics. “↑ 316–333, 339” would be unambiguous :-).

Doesn’t this mean that rooms 316-333 and room 339 are up ahead? correct me if I am wrong.

You’re wrong Jam

As you can plainly see, Jam, rooms numbered 316 through to 333,339 are down the corridor. (The corridor is presumably not shown because its length would blow our collective minds.)

Must be a hotel in india or china… you need to think big there…

Unless it’s in France, then you have to think to the thousandth decimal place…

Sort of reminds me of a Matrix/Inception mashup I once saw.. in a dream :/

Obviously someone edited this.. That’s not possible. Also, I’ve stayed at the Gaylord many times and the sign as well as the hallway design is very simalar.