August 23, 2010

Idea: Make-out Hoodies

These hoodies are meant to be worn while making out. Only when lips are locked do the images on the sides come together to make a complete picture. They can come in all sorts of designs with different images, scenes, or messages.

For real fun, host a Make-out Hoodie Party. When the guests arrive, they all have to put on a hoodie that has a matching half worn by someone else at the party. When you find the person who has the other half, you make out with them. It’s like a hipster key party.

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I had an idea that seemed like it’d be good for your blog: an iphone dock that’s shaped like a typewriter. the keys actually work- reposition the levers to hit the simulated keyboard at the bottom of the screen. Also, it can charge and have speakers on the ends (why not). I’d buy it.
If you feel inspired to run with this idea and make a cute graphic of it, go for it.
Otherwise, cheers, keep up the good work.

Just started following your blog! Looks super fun and interesting.

Your sketch of the face reminds me of Ricardio the Heart Guy from Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. You should Google it and see the resemblance. :)

Looking forward to more!

Thanks for the idea! My gf and I sewed some simple patches onto some hoodies and they turned out great.