July 28, 2010

Stop Moose and Squirrel

Moose and Squirrel

I really hoped there would be some sort of statue or monument when I got there. But no.


Really? You took this picture in the real world - or was there some Photoshop reality bending going on?

Brilliant! Just discovered your site and love it.

what are the odds of 2 VERY POWERFUL animals, meeting peacefully next to a stopsign, and NOT THERE BEING A SINGLE BATTLESCAR OR WAR BETWEEN 2 animals… There is no god… but on the otherhand, if you found a pair of roads called Moose, and Cookie, you discovered the gap in the Space Time Continuum. Then again, theres some black box out there on a beach in the middle of some beach, near some small town, and one guy is flipping out screaming “ITS THE PANDORICA!” but all of this has nothing to do with your post here… or anything at all for that matter…

What about Boris and Natasha?

I thought the mountains looked familiar.. This is likely in Banff Alberta,


But in order for it to be a 4-way, you’d need 2 moose and 2 squirrels.