June 16, 2010

Idea: HBO vs HBO fighting game

The fighting genre of video games has some crossover titles like the Marvel vs Capcom series that pits Marvel Comics characters against fighters from Capcom’s games. So you could end up with Iron Man fighting a Street Fighter character, for example.

I’d like to see a crossover fighting game that pits characters from various HBO TV series against one another in fights to the death in locations from their shows.

You could have Ruth Fisher vs Larry David fighting on the set of Bill Maher’s show. Or pit Sookie Stackhouse against Rich Hall in the Sopranos’ kitchen. Or Wembley Fraggle vs Ali G in the Crypt Keeper’s crypt.

Everyone would have different strengths, weapons, and special attacks. Hank Kingsley’s all-powerful Hey Now of Death would inflict major damage, but he’d be vulnerable to the Dennis Miller Ravaging Rant and Tracey Ullman’s Go Home Grapple.

It’s a fight to the finish. There can HBOnly one.


You totally started with “There can HBOnly one” and worked backward, didn’t you.

Shouldn’t be too hard to hack together with mugen. Backgrounds and sound effects are relatively easy. The characters’ sprites are hard if you want them digitized, Mortal Kombat stile, but with a couple DVDs of each show and a bit (well, a lot) of photoshop work i’d say it’s doable. With handdraw sprites, if you have someone who can actually draw, it’s still quite tedious fuck, but way easier. Add some stock music here, some images there, touch the config files a bit, and you might end up with a fairly decent thing
If i had the time and patience, this sounds like a fun summer project, if your idea of a fun summer project involves being 24/7 in front of your computer for a couple months

> “if your idea of a fun summer project involves being 24/7 in front of your computer for a couple months”

If it doesn’t, frankly, I don’t know what to do with you.

The problem is: 1) How do you not put Omar in? 2) If you put Omar in, I will never play with anyone else.

it does, it does

Insert your own joke about Samanatha’s (Kim Cattrall) death ray and where it fires from…

How do you leave out Titus Pullo?

I think if we flesh out this idea to it’s natural conclusion, you get http://tournamentofeverything.wordpress.com.

I dunno if my first comment went through, but I think a logical extension of this idea is “Tournament of Everything” (tournamentofeverything[dot]wordpress[dot]com.) You can see battles between things like George Donner vs. Modular curve, and other randomly generated Wikipedia topics.