May 12, 2010

Meet Brent Farley

Do you remember the father in the movie Gremlins? His name was Randall Peltzer, and he was a struggling inventor, constantly trying to find success with his latest inventions. He gave his products names like The Bathroom Buddy, and The Peltzer Juicer. He was full of ideas, and built his own prototypes, but never quite found success.

Brent Farley is a real-life inventor in the spirit of Randall Peltzer. I visited him recently as part of my ongoing photo documentary project about contemporary inventors, and put together this video portrait (I recommend watching full-screen):


That guy is AMAZING.

That was super - you really have a knack for story telling. Maybe you should consider yourself a documentarian, in addition to a photographer, blogger, etc.

Thanks for sharing!

These are fantastic! The Brent Farley in particular is wonderful, but they’re all great. Nice work.

What an interesting personality Brent is. Great person to learn from. Niceeee~

A joy to watch. What an interesting character, great high quality footage, beautiful photographs and nifty editing.

Thank you!

I loved the documentary! I´m eager to see the rest of the project.

Regards from Brazil.