September 24, 2009

The Variety of Rubber Mouse Noses

I needed a rubber mouse nose recently for a photo shoot. It turns out there are several style rubber mouse noses available. Since they each cost about $2 to $3, I decided to buy several styles and decide which worked best on the shoot. Now I have leftover mouse noses, so I thought I’d share with you the different styles I found available in case you are in a similar situation one day.

1) I call this one “The Rat.”

Mouse Nose

2) I call this one “Looks More Like A Rabbit Nose.”

Mouse Nose

3) I call this one “If Mickey and Goofy Had a Child.”

Mouse Nose

All of these were sold as mouse noses, even though the second one is awfully rabbit-like (and oddly asymmetrical). The third one is nice because it has whiskers, but the whiskers curl in weird directions. I bought two of them, and they both had whisker issues.

All of them have teeth, which looks nice except for when the person wearing the nose smiles, showing his or her own teeth. Then it looks like the person has two rows of teeth. It’s unsettling.

You can see that the string placement varies from one design to another. Mouse Nose #1 has string attached towards the top. This means that on many head types, the string will be at the bridge of your nose, and will need to practically run across your eyes in order to go over your ears. Mouse Nose #3 does not have this issue. Mouse Nose #2 is somewhere in between, and might be fine if it didn’t look so much like a rabbit.

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So which one did you use?

You start a sentence with “I needed a rubber mouse nose recently” and then don’t tell us why?

I call you out as a tease as I am sure you must of realized that this statement begs for additional info.

I got your “Mick”ey mouse right here