September 29, 2009

Quiz: So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?

It seems to be the consensus that Arial is a substandard alternative to Helvetica. But just how bad is it? What if the logos we’re used to seeing in Helvetica were redone in Arial? Would you even notice if the next time you saw the American Airlines logo it was redone in Arial? Here it is in both fonts. At a glance, can you tell which is which?

The top one is Arial. If you know what to look for, it probably jumped right out at you. If not, you may see that they’re different but still not know which is which.

To test your skills, and help you learn to recognize Arial vs Helvetica, I’ve taken 20 Helvetica logos and redone them in Arial. (Blasphemy!) A lot of them are just plain awful in Arial. But a couple of them are actually tough to tell apart.

Take the quiz here!

You’ll get half of them right by just randomly guessing, but if you don’t do much better than that, here are some good resources for you to check out that will teach you the differences between Arial and Helvetica:

Link: How to Spot Arial

Link: Arial and Helvetica overlayed

Link: The Scourge of Arial


I spotted 19 of the 20 - I was defeated by Mattel.

But then, I have watched Helvetica - The Movie recently, so I’ve been conditioned to spot it! (I recommend the film, by the way.)

19/20 also — beaten by Staples.

PS. your captcha is making me type anti Britain. Xenophobe!

20 out of 20! On the tough ones (Mattel, Toyota), the original logos seem to have better kerning, which helped distinguish them. Great quiz!

I got 18 out of 20 - missed Mattel and Toyota.

I haven’t seen the film, but it’s easy to spot once you know the trick. The ends of the a’s and c’s and e’s being parallel to the horizontal instead of at an angle.

20/20. Simple when you know what to look for, with the exceptions of Toyota and Mattel.

Managed to get 18/20. Mattell and Toyota got me!

Ah, 19 of 20. Mattel beat me too. That’s a tough one, I guess one must look for the slightly squashed M of Arial.

18/20. Toyota got me. I got an easy one wrong before that because I was in zombie click mode.

Damn. Even knowing to watch out for Toyota, it got me. 19/20.

20/20! The Mattel and Toyota have subtle tells as to their true identity.

20/20 quite easy if you know where to look.

19/20, Mattel defeated me too. It’s so subtle in terms of the weight.

All the ones with lower case t’s are easy since the arial has that fruity curve on it.

Great quiz though, it’s fun to see the logos set in Arial.

Wow. 20/20. Just got lucky with Mattel and Toyota.

Hm, 20/20, wasn’t even that difficult.

19/20. Got Toyota wrong. I so wanted to be better than Gruber, but I made the same mistake.

18/20. Fell victim to Mattel and Toyota, like so many before me. Fun quiz!

Like most everyone, 19/20 and blew it on Mattel.

Lower case letters are easy because the stems of Helvetica are parallel to the baseline while Arial is at an angle. Also, Helvetica’s weirdly swirly capital R is tough.

Mattel has taught me to look for the ratio of the triangle in the capital A as a distinguishing feature now. Nice job.

19/20. Damn you, Mattel!

18 out of 20. I, too, was defeated by Mattel and Toyota!

20 out of 20. Mattel was the only one I wasn’t sure of.

19/20 - Accursed Mattel.

20/20 I shoulda been a designer, I guess.

Good quiz! I got 18 out of 20 - missing just “digital” and “MATTEL” - and I had a strong feeling, while taking the quiz, that those were the two that might trap me …

19/20 - Damn Toyota

To make uop for anti britain I got yuks detroit for the captcha

For both Mattel and Toyota, use the A (narrower in Helvetica) and the T (wider in Helvetica).


[shaking fist at sky]: Damn you, Mattel!

Yeah, Mattel fooled me. This would make a fun CAPTCHA on a forum for graphic designers.

I scored 100% but I will admit, Mattel and Toyota were tough for me too.

20 of 20 - but all the allcaps ones (esp 3M) were guesses.

Wow, I feel like a fool. 19/20 — I correctly picked Toyota and Mattel without hesitation, but dithered on BASF. When I look at it now, I don’t know how I missed the slightly-less-than-horizontal lines on the Arial BASF. I think I was too preoccupied with the counters in the Bs.

I got Mattel wrong, but I knew I was taking a guess, so I feel like I’ve established my street cred.

I came up with a great word and then totally forgot to use it in my post. I was going to say that a lot of these had shibboleth glyphs (shibboglyphs?), like R, r, G, and t.

19/20 Missed Mattel as well.

The others, including Toyoya, aren’t too hard if you know what to look for.

Argh. Got Toyota wrong too. The shame.

19/20. Mattel kicked my ass.

Now let’s see a 3-way quiz between Helvetica, Arial and Akzidenz Grotesk!


Missed Mattel.

What’s with the reverse snobbery about Arial these days?

They took another font and squished it to match the metrics of Helvetica. They didn’t even have the balls to just rip it off completely like many others did.

Yeah, overdramatic designers acting as if Arial burns their eyes is tiring, but a ripoff is a ripoff.

This quiz, which highlights not being able to tell the difference as if it was a good thing for Arial, is entirely backward. Why don’t we celebrate these websites, after all I can hardly tell the difference between them and the original:

19/20 - TOYOTA.

My question to all those who said “easy if you know what to look for”: What do you look for in MATTEL an TOYOTA?

I visited “How to spot Arial”, but did not find it. Is it that the “A” runs wider in Helvetica? If so, I had MATTEL right by accident :)

19/20. Toyota got me too

I got 18/20 American Apparel and Staples are the ones that stumped me!

toyota was right (helvetica has more circular O’s)
mattel I chose wrong (I assumed it’d be the bolder one)
thanks, was fun altogether :)

17/20 Mattel and twice capital R
I think I’ve learned my lesson on the swirly capital R. As others have said, parallel stems, swirly capital R, capital A in Arial seems a tad to wide (which for a strange reason is not the case in Toyota) and finally the capital O is rounder in Helvetica (this gave me Toyota).

20/20, only guessed on Mattel, in retrospect I can see the font weight difference even there.

Does this score help me in any way to pick up people in bars???!!!

20/20. In your face Gruber!

Mattel and Toyota were tricky, I’m claiming my gut got them right but probably just got lucky.

Most of the time, Helvetica is less curly. The ‘e’s and ‘3’s don’t have the tilt on the end of the twirly bits. The capital A is hard to tell properly, but I think Arial is slightly wider. Finally, the Helvetica curly ‘R’s kept fooling me as I had convinced myself that Helvetica was less curly! The ‘G’ also looks nicer in Helvetica.

16/20. I was excited about that score until I came here and read everyone’s. :(

20/20. I thought most looked pretty similar, but I admit I used “which looks better?” for the ones where I couldn’t find a non-parallel bit to ID the Helvetica… and it worked.

Is Toyota even using Helvetica? The roundness of the Os isn’t like any Helvetica I’ve seen. Also, see here:

19/20 - DAMN YOU KAWASAKI. Also I have to admit the Mattel one nearly got me. I ended up choosing the one which I thought had better kerning. Which really tickles me.

19/20 damn toyota


Mattel :-(

That was great! 19/20 - like many I was fooled by Toyota. A fun break to my day’s monotony.

20/20 and I are smug about that, if not have grammar it

I got 19 out of 20 right. I missed the “Mattel.” All caps, all straight strokes left me clueless.

perhaps tell people the two words in the capcha should be typed without space. Or should I know that?

Darn it. Toyota got me. The “O” is totally misleading. Should have looked at the “Y.”

19/20 Mattel was hard. This little quiz made me realize the beauty of Helvetica and the ugliness of Arial!

The c’s in Scotch and the 3 in 3M look amazingly harsh in Arial!

18/20 - Agfa & Mattel. Forgot about the “G” and the lower horizontal line in the “A” in the former. For the latter, the “A” seemed disproportionate to the rest but I think it was an optical illusion due to the framing.

The TOYOTA wordmark is not Helvetica.

The example set in Arial is stylistically much closer to Helvetica than the original logo — so everyone who got this one “wrong” is actually closer to the truth.

20/20 And I learned two new arial/helvetica flags.
the middle of the M is less optically consistent in arial, and the O’s in helvetica are more geometric.

I’d never be able to tell those two without comparison though. I only guessed based on what looks better.

18/20. Mattel was tricky. And I accidentally clicked the wrong one for Panasonic (Panasonic!). Honestly, ok?

so, actually Os aren’t more geometric, that’s just toyota cheating.

19/20 … darn you Mattel!!! hehehe

18/20 - Mattel and Toyota got me … as so many before. Tricky and fun. Thanx.

Fucking Mattel.


When I didn’t even believe I could tell, I picked the one I liked the best. Arial is supposed to be the ugly one, right?

The score would have been even worse if I didn’t get feedback on the previous questions until the quiz was over.

18/20 but I was in a hurry. Also just saw Helvetica movie, so I often looked for the horizontal and vertical terminators. Dead giveaway.


…it’s all about the ‘r’

19/20. I blew it on Target. The R and G caps are very different, but I thought the more curly R was uncharacteristically flamboyant for Helvetica. Why so curly?

got 19/20 correct. Missed Mattel

I too was defeated by mattel.

Got TOYOTA wrong, 19/20 correct. Thanks for the fun quiz.

got screwed by toyota and mattel as well

Damn you Mattel!

20/20 Mattel was my only blind pick and Toyota was tricky, others were rather easy.

20/20, though I’ll admit Mattel was a guess based on which I thought looked better.

Nb. My capcha is “Special girths”. I giggled.

19/20 somehow got Target wrong!

20/20! - but I threw a wild guess at Mattel, and had a slightly stronger intuition for Toyota.

I’m pretty sure the Mattel logo was switched and I chose the right one…
Toyota is pretty easy (rounder “O”.)
The rest is a piece of cake.

15/20. I’m not a graphic designer and I don’t look at fonts all day so I’m happy with my result.


But you know what, I zipped through quickly, simply identifying the font that looked slightly bolder. I didn’t examine the letter forms at all.

What does that tell us?

After I took it someone pointed out to me the image filenames contain the font name.

17/20 - defeated by some allcaps.

I didn’t realize that Arial was that much uglier until I saw them side by side in design contexts. Wow!

I got 14/20, but I’m not a graphic designer, or font designer, so I am not too worked up about it!!!

17/20 The CAPS got me. They’re the hardest to tell apart (for me)…

Toyota is hard…

19/20, Mattel.

I almost think the Arial Mattel is superior to the Helvetica. (This is the only case in which I think anything of the sort.)

The real giveaway in Mattel, though, and the thing that makes Helvetica eke out the win, is the E. The slightly-shorter middle arm of Arial’s E messes up the negative space between the E and the L. If I were a real designer that would’ve stuck out like a sore thumb.

So I sucked at this. 11/20. I even missed Target! Good thing I am a project manager and not a designer. But nice post, and great job with the blog, btw. I have you linked off of mine.

Will take the retest and see if I fare any better.

17/20 with lots of help from the “How to tell Arial and Helvetica Apart” links.

19 of 20. Mattel ruined my perfect score.

damn you TOYOTA!!!!!

20/20 (although Mattel and Toyota were rather tricky).

You might want to look at the typeface used for the various labels on the dashboard of a late-model Honda. The typeface appears to be Helvetica, although the Gs and Rs are taken from Arial.

Got 20/20! Ultimate helvetica WIN!

19/20, great quiz though.

20/20, though I mostly guessed with MATTEL. TOYOTA was easy, though, with the more truly circular O’s that Helvetica has.

20/20! Mattel was the hardest… I was pretty sure I had it right but I don’t know why — it just looked more elegant. Toyota was easier because of the Os — Helvetica’s are rounder.

I also got 18 out of 20 - missed both Mattel and Toyota.

The lowercase are easy by comparison, unless there is a “R” involved.

Whoa… I thought I was the only one who sweated over Mattel and Toyota.

I want to start a club with all of you people. Seriously, we’re going to have a monthly newsletter with such awesome kerning it’s not even funny.

Anyone who is interested, email larry at houseoflegend dot com and await further instructions. I’m not kidding. I hereby call to order the first meeting of DAMN YOU TOYOTA!

20/20 and very surprised. Another Mattel/Toyota guesser here. I don’t have the experience to derive those two from personal knowledge but just went with what felt subjectivity “right”.

Maybe that’s the mark of a good typeface.

PS: Loved the “keming” reference.

19/20… ugh defeated by MATTEL - funny enough I liked the Arial version MUCH better, maybe I just wanted it to be true! Oh and had I studied the “E” and the em width of the A closer - maybe just maybe I would have accepted poor typography and chosen correctly.

18/20 - Mattel and Lufthansa were the two that tripped me up.


Thing is, Arial’s faults still don’t make me like Helvetica any better. I wouldn’t mind if both of them disappeared.


Dang, Toyota tripped me up, as well.

19/20 Damn you Toyota and your non-standard Os!


Mattel was tricky; I had to guess based on kerning, but it coulda gone either way.

I thought TOYOTA was in Folio, not Helvetica.

18/20 Mattel here too, but CVS somehow stumbled me.

Argh - Mattel and Toyota fooled me too.


Thought I would struggle, but found it pretty instinctive.

The one that looked better on first impulse was always the right one.


mattel was medium difficulty due to a kerning error. toyota was harder but the weight looked wrong. everything else was eeaassyy.

20of20 hell yeah!

“You answered 12 out of 20 questions correctly.”
Looks like i’m the looser in here…. ;-)
Wel, i’m not into types and fonts.


I got Mattel and Toyota correct! the one’s that tripped me up were Panasonic and The North Face. Now that I look again i really should have got them correct. oh well.

Got 19 out of 20.

Mattel’s use of Helvetica is imbalanced, the Arial looked better - but you know, the M was too light next to the A - so that should have been the clue.

20/20. I had trouble with Toyota and Mattel but “felt” the right ones :)

20/20. Maybe I should be a designer?

Mattel and Toyota were the only “hard” ones, since they had no giveaways. With Mattel I went with the one that I thought had better kerning and I’ve seen the Toyota wordmark so many times that the correct one instantly jumped out at me, whether it was actually Helvetica or not.

19/20, damn you Toyota

20/20, Toyota and Mattel were not immediately obvious but the capital O is more circular in Helvetica, whereas Arial’s O is more oval.

Mattel’s M is the giveaway. The center vertex is disproportionately thick compared to the verticals.

I spotted 19 of the 20 - I was defeated by Toyota

great quiz, I got 18/20 (I was wrong about Mattel and Panasonic).

19/20, beaten by Toyota

18/20: Bell Atlantic scuppered me before I realised Helvetica has flat t-tops and TOYOTA was just plain difficult…

19/20 Beaten by Matell

Mattel got me good. How do you tell the difference?

15/20 - please don’t tell my friend, Silas.

20/20 - Yay! I r a deziner now?
Mattel and Toyota almost got me, but the spacing and kerning were even in Helvetica.

19/20 - Toyota got me, but this is probably the only one (imo) that looks better in Arial. I simply do not like how the “O”s are too round so I fell to Arial. Kerning might be better in Helvetica though.

17/20 Mattel & Toyota as many others, and an unforgivable mistake: Post-it. The slashed top of the t… dammit!

Ha ha! 20/20 baby!

I must do this for a living or something…

17/20 - I actually got Mattel right, which gives me some comfort in my B+ final score. I spaced on a few of the “easier” ones like Staples and Target.

I’m not really a designer, and I didn’t read the links before taking the test, but seeing the two fonts side by side (top by bottom?) really brings out the differences. And confirms what I already knew in my Gruber-influenced heart to be true.

Arial is a hideous, hideous font.

18/20, Toyota got me as well… damn, I also missed AA.


Great quiz, Easy to spot the lower case ‘t’, struggled with ‘TOYOTA’ though!


20/20 — Toyota was relatively easier than Mattel. I’m going to send this link to my daughter, who is majoring in graphics design (and has her own strong opinions on fonta).

18/20 - MATTEL and TOYOTA got me too:) - Very Cool Quiz!


just based on the assumption that helvetica should look better…


Mattel and Staples got me - maybe it was the subliminal Swissiness of the white on red? hehe.

13/20 — I guess I’m not a font dork.

CAPTCHA: “James placates” — I thought “James” meant “usurper”.

Wow, I did better than I expected, 20/20. I don’t know, I just picked the better-looking one. I guess I’m in the Helvetica camp here. The 3M one was truly horrid in Arial. The kerning seemed quite different, too.

And I like Rockwell’s idea of using this as a Captcha for graphic designers :)


I never flew AA, so that’s my excuse.


You might want to scramble the image names, though. They’re a dead giveaway.

Mattel got me. 19/20.

19/20. The Mattel logo threw me off. (It really helped to look at the second link “Overlayed”.) Was that cheating?

(My Captcha was “prentice flunkeys”. I think that applies…)

17/20 - quite proud of myself since I design for sheer entertainment right now.

20/20! My college roommate was a graphic design major, so I’ve had plenty of exposure to the differences between the two. And yes, I think Helvetica does look significantly better.

17/20 – got BASF, NATIONAL and STAPLES wrong!!!!! Good luck to you all.

19/20 - Feeling extra shame because I DRIVE a Toyota. (Though I’m letting myself off the hook a little because the nameplate fell off years ago.)

20/20. Staples was the only one I was unsure about, until I noticed the Arial one didn’t have the registered trademark.

19/20 - Damn you Mattel, Great quiz though!

I got 19 out of 20…I got into a bit of a rhythm until I got stumped at Mattel…I should of went with my instinct…Helvetica was more geometric than Arial so if all the characters look as though they could fit in an em square…it’s Helvetica…there are also some more telltale signs but that’s a secret…

19/20 - MATTEL was tricky.

14/20 Pay attention to the C’s and the S’s that was what usually got me through them.

19 out of 20. I got lucky on mattel, and missed toyota. dang capital letters…

Holy crap that was hard…

I got 17 of 20

These three tripped me up.

•Bell Atlantic

Great exercise!

20 out of 20
I have been conditioned to hate Arial… and Verdana. For some reason, the web seems to think they are all the same! For shame web… for shame.

Ugh if it wasn’t for Toyota I would have gotten a perfect score 19/20. Mattel was a tough one too, but like someone else mentioned, the one with better kerning is Helvetica. Lots of distinction on the edges/anatomy of the strokes in the ‘S’, ‘C’, ‘T’, ‘a’, and other letters in a lot of the comparisons, so that helped in recognizing Helvetica over Arial.

19/20, cursed Mattel. Junctions, terminals, and counterspaces are the giveaways.

19/20 - also got beaten by Mattel. Toyota wasn’t that hard cause of the lengthy ‘o’ in the Arial version :)

19/20 … Toyota was a tough one!

19/20: due to TOYOTA

20/20…mattel was tricky though. Phew!

20/20; that was kind of easy actually.

You should make a “Helvetica vs. Univers” quiz :D

Even easier when you look at the source code!


Toyota got me :D

Yay! 20 out of 20! Was struggling with the Toyota one but in the end the real Helvetica just looked neater.

19/20 Mattel got me only because I second guessed myself :(

19/20. Darn Mattel. It was a lot easier than I thought. My biggest tell is the lower case “a” and upper case “G” and “R”. And the fact that Helvetica is just better looking. :P

I also like how only people who got perfect or -1 posted their scores.

19/20 Mattel got me :(

Mattel for me too. I go by the Rs, the general roundness and the fat little i! I’d never have been able to do so well if I hadn’t looked at

20/20! Mattel was a bit of a guess, just picked the one that wasn’t ugly as hell. The Rs and Ts are always a dead give away. The Os made Toyota an easy get

19/20, Mattel got me.

It seems that most people got fooled with this one.

20/20, i agree with Cajo,it`s easy when you know what to look for

16/20 Not bad, I guess, given that before coming here I knew they were different but not *how* they were different. As some have said before, the horizonal endings on e, c and a few others are a dead giveaway, once you notice them.

20/20. Yup, Mattel was tricky—but test was easy at last, even for cartoonists: Arial is a scream.

19/20. Am I the only one who got American Airlines wrong? boo…

19/20. Undone by Mattel. The lowercase letters are much easier to tell apart. Look for horizontal (rather than slightly diagonal) ends on the letters c, s, and e. The top of the lowercase t is also horizontal in Helvetica, diagonal in Arial.

Great quiz! 18/20 - I was defeated by the italic, and white-on-color on one other one probably the first all-caps logo (I have already blocked it out).

The ends of S and C are parallel in Helvetica, not so in Arial. O and e are rounder in Helvetica, the x-height is a bit taller, and the crosspiecs in the A is lower in Helvetica. Arial overall is a bit more condensed than Helvetica

It’s harder to distinguish white type on a colored background (at least for these old eyes). Also putting the logo on an angle helps to confuse my brain.

Now I’m going to post this link in a few more places, so batten down your server!

20/20.. felt a bit guess-y on the mattel logo, could’ve gone either way. cute quiz!

I’m another 19/20 Mattel mistake.

19/20. mattel.

19/20 Mattel got me too… all caps and on a slant was a little harder.

That blasted Mattel ruined my perfect score. 19/20

13/20, going by “what logo looks right to me?” versus “which is helvetica?”

18/20, DAMN YOU MATTEL!!!, and the other one was a mistake I made, slightly dyslexic, lol

19/20. Beaten by American Airlines.

20/20 sort of easy

I got 19/20. Mattel beat me too! I’m a nerd.

19/20. Missed TOYOTA.

19/20. There’s that darn Mattel again!

18/20….with 25 years as a designer!!!!

19/20, tripped up by Mattel here too. I went back and compared again, & it was still hard when I had huge Ms open in TextEdit in both faces. Should’ve used the Ts & As, they were much easier.

And sure, Arial might be a dirty ripoff, but sometimes it’s better: case in point, the Scotch logo. I know I’ve just destroyed any possibility of many Arial-hating Helvetica whores ever listening to anything I say, but it’s true. Sometimes Ariel looks better.

Staples was easy, the fake was missing the ® in it, might want to fix that.

You answered 1 out of 20 questions correctly.

i’m a font guy! tho i haven’t worked with fonts in a couple decades, i have 1300 on my computer, but twitter sent me right to the quiz so i didn’t get a refresher about the differences between helvetica and ariel first. after getting the first 4 wrong, i tried to get them all wrong, and even the one i got right was an accident. fun, thanx!

Yep, Mattel got me too… @_@

Mattel got me too…

Mattel got me too. But also Toyota. Should have payed more attention to the roundness of the O.

Got 15 out of 20 but I got Mattel right :D

19/20. Defeated by MATTEL

20 out of 20. But TOYOTA and MATTEL were really not the obvious (I decided just with stomach, so more luck I guess). Great quiz!!

19/20, I fell on Mattel! Allcaps logos are more tricky, but anyway great quiz, make more of these :D

20/20 :) look at the filenames of the images when you don’t know for sure :)

I scored 19 of the 20 - I couldn’t differentiate Mattel.
First time I realized Helvitca is so smooth when compared to Arial.

Damn you Mattel! 19 out of 20.. good fun quiz!

20/20 :) Mattel was hard, the kerning helped…
being a car freak, Toyota was easy

I spotted 19 of the 20 - I was defeated by National…but I blame that on being distracted by having a sip of coffee ;-)

Yikes! 19/20 … Mattel got me, too.

18/20 _ Not bad, I think…
Liked the Challenge! :D

great idea guys.
just mattel proved me wrong.
but hey, just 5 characters, upper case, straight strokes…

18 of 20. mattel and toyota.



20/20 :)

and you forgot (R) in 17th logo ;)

19/20 Staples got me.

Mattel and The North Face got me.
North Face it was stupidity, I confess.
But Mattel… damn!

Got 19/20 - Toyota got me! I’ll get you next time, Helvetica…

19/20, curse you mattel!!

20/20 …. to be honest mattel and toyota were more of a guess …going with the gut which one seemed right vs any visual cues from the letters.

Great quiz!

Passing it along to see how my design friends do …
cheers scott

19 out of 20. I too fell victim to MATTEL.

19/20 with Mattel. That one is Hard.
But there’s also another difficult one: The “National” Logo is not a pure Helvetica, look at the a’s and o’s.

cheers, daniel

19/20… almost a clean sheet… rushed on toyota, and it got me

19/20…beated by Mattel and hurriness…anyway HELVETICA FOREVER


Yeah, seems they are quite different.

19/20. Mattel :)

19/20 - Mattel was the hardest!

20/20! Yay!

19 of 20. Mattel beat me too.
But really nice quiz :)

Got 18 out of 20, sometimes hard to tell …

Fell on Mattel.
This was cool.

19 out of 20. Exactly the same as afiler - got Mattel and Toyota right but it was BASF that caught me out. Looking back at it, that was kind of stupid!

For those having problems with Staples - look at the tagline and then suddenly obvious. :)

BTW my captcha “Sheree $10”, she’s a bargain clearly! :P

Would be interesting to see how Mac users do versus Windows users.

19/20 Toyota beat me! but no bad I Think ñ_ñ

I spotted 19/20. I missed the first one - AGFA. I got stumped by the G. But after the first one, the rest were very easy to spot. The letters I was looking at were the lower case e, t, a, s, c. For the upper case, I was looking at the thickness and roundness of some of the curve.

Like most I screwed up on Mattel and Toyota. The O’s in Toyota should’ve given it away. The Mattel was REALLY hard to spot though.

19/20 - Mattel was tough :p

Took me 4 times to get perfect score. Mattel was hard

tough one. lower case or upper case both are really identical with very tiny differences. test enjoyed. my score is 14 out of 20!!

toyota Os got me

yay 20/20! (I would have been mortified with anything less!) Mattel and Toyota were tricky, but still noticeable

Add me to the 19/20-defeated-by-Mattel list. The M got me. Argh.

As a lot of others I made mistakes with Mattel and TOYOTA.

I’m no font geek, but I figured out some details quickly enough to get 17/20. The all-caps ones were tougher!

18/20 TOYOTA and Mattel got me…

Why do Toyota and Mattel get everybody? 18..

Toyota and Mattel got me to. 18/20. Helvetica does not have true circular O’s.

20/20, I’m pleased to say. The A shape helps with Mattel and Toyota, it is more elegant in Helvetica, with the crosspiece appearing ever so slightly lower and the width at bottom appearing to be less. My totally uneducated opinion.

Hey, no fair. Toyota’s logo isn’t true helvetica. the O’s are rounder and the Y and A are heavier. Your judging Arial vs. some other crappy typeface.

19/20 I lost on Toyota

20/20. Mattel & Toyota were tough ones. The “E” on Mattel and “O”s in Toyota, as well as the overall difference in weight made me spot the difference.

fun test! i got 11 out of 20.

19/20 aint so bad…


I am sure that I was sleeping when I was looking at BASF.

19/20…Toyota got by me. I remember Helvetica with a mixture of fondness and exasperation. In Graphic Design school back in the early 80s, my typography teacher had us drawing lower-case Helvetica a’s over and over and over till I swear I could do them in my sleep. Beautifully designed typeface, though.

I’m not sure all of the original logos use Helvetica. The National logo doesn’t have the correct tails on the letter ‘a’. The tail of the ‘a’ should end on the perpendicular for normal weights while on the horizontal for bold and black weights which seems to be the opposite for the National logo.

BTW, I think you should have included the Microsoft logo which is done in Helvetica:

18/20 Staples and Toyota got me!

MATTEL got me…all caps is very tricky. The other one that got me was Kawasaki, though, and in retrospect I’m embarrassed. The capital K in Arial is one of the ugliest glyphs I’ve ever seen, and I should have spotted it immediately.

19/20 Like many others, MATTEL defeated me. I hang my head in shame.

Toyota and North Face beat me. Sadly I own a Toyota and therefore should be a little more acquainted with the logo. Loved the quiz!

I got 19/20. I will say that in the word TOYOTA, that the character that represent the letter O is neither Helvetica nor Arial. neither are that round, no matter if you select bold or black.

Helvetica was Designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and is based on Akzidenz Grotesk (1896), and classified as a Grotesque or Transitional san serif face. Originally called Neue Haas Grotesque, in 1960 it was revised and renamed Helvetica (used by Adobe, Agfa and Linotype) - Helvetica is Latin for Switzerland “Swiss” - which was used as its name by BitStream.

Arial Designed in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders for Monotype (not Microsoft), it’s classified as Neo Grotesque, was originally called Sonoran San Serif, and was designed for IBM’s bitmap font laser printers. It was first supplied with Windows 3.1 (1992) and was one of the core fonts in all subsequent versions of Windows until Vista, when to all intents and purposes, it was replaced with Calibri.

19 out of 20, was fooled by Mattel.
From what I understand Helvetica is such a consistent and solid style, that is why it is so wildly used. It only makes sense to choose the one that has straighter edges, not weird angles. I do agree that it is hard to tell with caps.

19/20… with Target being my trip up, probably because it was the only one where I thought the Helvetica one looked bad and unlike the brand I know (Aus) where with the rest I actually looked for typographic clues (like I was supposed too)

20/20 Easy stuff. 8)

Fun quiz, though!

I got all except MATEL, which was tough. Just look at the lower case ‘e’ ‘a’ and ‘s’

I took the test with some trepidation, as I have a reputation to uphold. Thankfully, I got 20/20 - but I had to sweat over Mattel a bit.

One logo I would have liked to see in the test is Microsoft’s. The irony of it suits the site perfectly, I think.

19/20 - Beat by MATTEL, got lucky on TOYOTA.

Curses Mattel! Curses!

I really like Akzidenz Grotesk. Although you almost have to hauc a loogey to pronounce it right.

19/20. Mattel. Helvetica is denser in many examples here. I think that the more closed ‘c’s etc. is hurts it a little in low-res body text.


Missed, American Airlines, Target, POst IT (don’t know how i missed that one!) and Mattel.

that was fun!

19/20 i was wrong in MATTEL too! but finaly i got the difference.

i´m proud because i´m not an expert.

American Apparel and Toyota got me! =/

Toyota was a hard one!

20/20 Woohoo!

I thought Mattell was going to kill me, as I didn’t have a definite answer, just had to go with my gut.

It’s a fun quiz. But darnit, makes me wish I had good old helvatica on my computer font list.

I got 17 out of 20, but early on is where I faltered. Just wasn’t paying attention! Pretty good though!

19 out of 20 mattel got me too

15/20… So, not bad. Interessting test.

19/20 - MATTEL beat me. Thanks for this interesting piece, remembers me of how much I like Helvetica

19/20 - MATTEL beat me. Thanks for this interesting piece, remembers me of how much I like Helvetica

19/20 Mattel beat me! Grrr..heh oh well.

I got 15/20. I had a lot of trouble with the capital letters. If there was a t or a G, I was on it.

I got 20 out of 20. Of course they drilled into me every characteristic of Helvetica in typography, and I think I’ve seen the movie Helvetica in every Graphic Design class I’ve taken since it came out (headache). Mattel was a stumper, but look at the difference between the M’s and E’s, that gives it away.

20/20! Toyota was tricky, but in the end I just knew.

Stupid Crate and Barrel. I would have had a 20/20 if I had only gotten that one right! I honestly don’t even know what happened…but that’s how it goes sometimes, I guess :)

18/20 got me with Mattel and Toyota… D’oh! ^-^ thanx for the fun!

20/20! Thanks to Gruber’s DaringFireball link to swiss-miss “a nifty little graphic showing the difference between Arial and Helvetica” []

19/20 Dam you Toyota!

Great quiz. I scored 20/20.


Pretty easy (the big and small ‘r’s being dead giveaways) Mattel was hard.

Toyota! I guess Mattel was a lucky guess since i work in accounts! I do read about design quite a bit though.

20/20. I would have been really depressed otherwise.

20/20. So Glad!

The Digital logo isn’t actually Helvetica in the first place. The letters were drawn in 1957, the same year Helvetica was first released. If you look closely, the counters of the a and g have a flattened edge that you don’t find in Helvetica.

I created the PostScript rendering of the logo at Digital. If you want to know much more:

‘Mattel’ was tough… 19/20

I scored a 19/20, with TOYOTA throwing me off. Boo!

Great test. I always love a good Helvetica x Arial game.

15/20. I am not a graphic designer but spend my life harassing them as a web product manager.

Always thought I preferred Helvetica, but here are 3 logos here that I think actually look superior in Arial. Interesting.

19/20 Crushed by Mattel. All the others were easy to spot.


I can’t believe I didn’t see the difference between the O’s in toyota.

19/20: Killed by Toyota

19 out of 20 — I missed Mattel. Changed my answer at the last minute, but nonetheless, I chose Arial for Mattel.


I flubbed on Mattel!

Defeated by Mattel as well. 19 out of 20.

19/20 for me. MATTEL forced me to guess.

16/20! Great idea for a quiz! :)

I had 18/20.. defeated by American Airlines and 3M

19/20…. I went for the higher bar on MATTEL.

Brilliant idea. Devils in the detail. I got 19/20 - Mattel seems to be the tricky one - no giveaway Cs or Gs.

I got 18 out of 20. American Airlines and TOYOTA beat me. The “M” is tricky! I will try again and loose my rookie-status ;-)


19/20 - Another victim of the Mattel trap.

Not a font nerd. Very clear when there were letters like a, c, e. Toyota and Mattel were hard, I don’t know how to tell the fonts apart in those cases where there aren’t horizontal vs. angled letter ends.

Would still have to guess for both of those.

18/20 mattel y toyota

18/20. Mattel and Toyota got me too. Did better than I thought I might. Great quiz!

Boo…fell victim to Mattel & Toyota like the other 18/20-ers!

got 19/20.. wasn’t beaten by anything.. just a victim of trial and error with the first one (AGFA), because I didn’t really know the difference between Helvetica and Arial.. noticed the difference in AGFA, then applied my knowledge of the difference to guess the other 19.. would have got 20/20 if I guessed right the first time.. :D

Good quiz! All of them were easy once you know how to recognize ‘r’, ‘s’, ‘t’ and ‘3’. But TOYOTA and MATTEL beat me. 18/20!

19/20 Damn you Mattel!

I think the trick is, pick the logo that clearly looks better.

16/20…Found it difficult to recognise some of the upper case letters! :P great quiz though!

Wow, scroll scroll, this one is popular!

Seems like everyone fell at Mattel and Toyota. Me too. Great fun. a

That was great!
I actually preferred the CVS pharmacy logo and Staples logo in Arial

Toyota, what can I say aaaaah 19 out of 20!

20 out of 20. Fun, but mostly easy.

19/20. Deceived by Mattel, which actually helped with Toyota. Of course, I’m not a pro, so yay me!


15 isn’t bad!

I got 18 out of 20 - was stumped by Mattel (like, it seems, everyone else) and BASF which now that I look at it was a rookie mistake as the terminations on the capital S of the Arial one are not completely horizontal. Doh!

Here’s a more difficult one:

19/20… Mattel got me. I’m such a cliché.

Bonus hint: you left the ® off of the duped Staples logo, which is a bit of a tell… that was easy, indeed.

100% score, but the MATTEL was difficult>

Mattel was difficult.

20/20 for me… very simple


MATTEL. I went back and forth and then forgot what my instinct was…which i think was correct.

oh well.

19/20 for me.

I scored 19/20 with CVS being the incorrect one. It stumped me because I worked as a Senior Designer at CVS corporate in the brand area and the CVS logo is actually Swiss. :)

I scored 19/20 with CVS being the incorrect one. It stumped me because I worked as a Senior Designer at CVS corporate in the brand area and the CVS logo is actually Swiss. :)

18/20, Ditto Toyota and Mattel. Guess I’m in good company on those!

I ended up with 17 out of 20, I’m rather proud of myself. I left the printing game more than 30 years ago. Back then some companies were still using hot metal casting for type! A very good test for old eyes.

I too lost out on MATTEL, difficult to spot that one.

19/20. I was stymied by Toyota. In retrospect, the Helvetica “O” has a much more pleasing roundness to its shape, which should have been the tip-off. Great quiz!

19/20. I got cocky at #17 — Staples of all things. I’m glad to see I wasn’t alone in that but, looking back on it, feel that “easy” taunting me.

Failed on The North Face logos. Though i do blame the subpixeling on my monitor for that. ;)

Looks like I’m in majority…MATTEL & TOYOTA. Great quiz!


Mattel is impossible :/

seeing all of you above, I don’t feel so bad about missing Mattel now, but it doesn’t completely ease the pain…

i got 18/20…. those uppercase logos got me!

15 out of 20

I got 18/20 - I have to learn the signs for the All Caps logos - Mattel got me.

18 out of 20, Mattel and Toyota got me like the majority. I’m not a Helvetica fan, but it’s this quiz show how balanced it is… Great quiz! Now do one with the Akzidenz and the Helvetica :-)

Grrr, Toyota… 19/20

20/20, great pop quiz.

18/20. I spent too many years in print media. But then again, before PostScript was turned unreadable, I used to edit these files to alter spacing and fix autonumbering bugs. I’m too much an engineer.

I got 18 of 20. Missed Mattel and Staples. As others said, all caps logo is difficult.

I got 9/10 fail was on MATTEL, thats hard. But the trick is the horizontals on s and e and the serif on the G, once you know that you cant fail

19/20 - That Mattel logo was a tricky one… Capital Es, As and Ts are particularly hard to tell apart, but I should have recognized the M’s thickness.
Maybe next time :)
Great post!

20/20 - they are like unidenticle twins to me.

19/20. Mattel got me.

Also, I wasn’t going to post this, but then I saw my name in the recaptcha-thingy.

Not a designer, but got 17 out of 20. Mattel, Digital and Toyota are the ones that stumped me.

MATTEL got me. The M is really the only clue and I chose poorly. The rest were a snap.

Just a suggestion: you might want to change the image filenames to something like image_1.gif instead of mattel_arial.gif and mattel_helvetica.gif.

it’s kind of a dead giveaway. I got 9 of 20 not cheating btw.

MATTEL got me as well.

18 out of 20, but it should have been 19 - grabbed thew wrong G in AGFA but realized my mistake later with Target. Still, no excuse for getting Toyota wrong…but I got Mattel right, at least.

So generally pretty good - I’m pleased with myself for a hung-over saturday morning…

19 out of 20

Stumped by Mattel too … guess its not that a great logo if you can switcher-roo the font! lol

DAMMIT! 19/20. The Toyota logo got me! I shoulda known better though looking back. Ah well.

18/20. Damn Toyota & Mattel! The cap M and O are tricky. But at least now I learned the difference.

19/20! wow i was near to get it all good :). Well now i really know the difference but it’s not always easy to know :p

17/20, Mattel, Toyota and Staples made my score a loss.

19/20 —this was super entertaining. MATTEL was the X!!

19/20, another Mattel victim :( Was tricked by the heavier weight

19/20. I mostly decided on the terminals of the “e” and the “S.” Mattel had neither so I went for the beefier one. Damn.

I got a lot of them correct simply by choosing the ones I didn’t prefer. Which means I am in the minority by preferring Arial.

Una buena prueba, me falló AMERICAN APPAREL tal vez falta de atencion

Una buena prueba, me falló AMERICAN APPAREL tal vez falta de atencion

18 of 20. American Apparel and Staples.

19 out of 20. I am ashamed I was tripped up by Mattel. Other than that…next quiz this was CAKE!

MATTEL failed me because i tried to not think longer than 2 seconds. There should be a timer – anybody can do 100% with lots of time to compare.

Missed Mattel. Still not sure of the difference there…

19/20 I didn’t catch my mistake with the lowercase ‘c’ in Panasonic until I had already clicked ‘submit’

Mattel got me too…

it’s not that hard

20 out of 20 - the Toyota one is a toughy - but they were a client for 2 1/2 years at a company I was at :)

(so bit of inside knowledge)

Mattel was good as well I went on the fatter top of the vertical strokes as being the impostor!

Very good though

Got 18 out of 20. Not bad!

20/20. For Mattel, compare the A and E crossbars between the two demonstrations. Also, note the M. For TOYOTA, Helvetica is more optically consistent at heavier weights.

19 out of 20 - yep the ol’ Mattel got me! The subtle changes in the M got me!!!!

Great quiz!

19/20. I can’t believe i screwed up on… Toyota! The pressure got too hard at the end :-). Cool quiz.

19/20 defeated by Mattel!

Lovely. Easy. 20/20. Just look at the lower-case “a”, “s” and “t”. Dead give aways. The strokes always end up with a flat, horizontal edge. On the Caps, harder, look for better, more geometric shapes. Arial’s upper-case “G” is simply a joke.

19/20 Toyota got me…:)

15/20 with no experience. I just picked the one that looked nicer. Does that mean I have discerning taste? ^_^

20/20 .. I wasn’t sure of mattel, but Toyota’s O is very distinctive of Helvetica.

19/20, problems with mattel and Toyota.

Like so many others, blasted Mattel got me. First time I’ve been ashamed to get 19/20.

19/20 - learnt by initial mistake with agfa. Toyota and mattel are all about the A

As a graphic designer I thought I’d nail this, capital letter fonts are harder to distinguish than I thought! Must get back to my Linotype resources and get some revision in…

18/20 - So Fun! And it was Mattel and Toyota that got me as well.

I simply looked to see which one was BETTER>>>>
Sure enough, Helvetica didn’t let me down!

MATTEL got me too….


19/20: Mattel

Terrific quiz! I really appreciate the time it must have taken to recreate the logo with Arial [shudder].

20/20 Wooooo!!!

20/20 n_n
watch for the a’s c’s s’s and e’s

19/20 not to bad

18/20, but I biffed Kawasaki on purpose just to see what would happen if I got one wrong. But dang that Mattel!

17/20 - Basf/Crate&Barrel/Mattel!!!!!!!!!!! Great Quiz

Toyota was very difficult.


Staples logo in Arial is missing something important (;


Toyota was easy enough, but I got stumped by Mattel, as did quite a few.

All these comments and not one person has mentioned how ridiculous we all are for taking this quiz?!?! Ummm, 19/20 btw…

You can easily spot the t-r-a-c-e-s of Helvetica whenever one of these glyphs appears.

By the way, I think the non-Helvetica Kawasaki logo must have been a hybrid, because its lowercase a’s are not from Arial.

Damn Toyota got me - 19/20. Great quiz!!

Cool Quiz, did just two mistakes in American Airlines and Staples …



Toyota and Mattel were hard but, for me, were a matter of looking for what looked “right”. For instance, the centre of the “E” in MATTEL is slightly above centre. And the proportion of the “A” in both is better in Helvetica.

19 out of 20, that Mattel one was tough,
it got me too. Good quiz though !

19/20—defeated by Mattel.

19/20 — defeated by Mattel.

Chuck Bigelow I feel as if I failed you. Typography & Page Design for three hours a day, two days a week with a viewing of “Helvetica - The Movie” and I still missed 2! 18/20 - Mattel & Toyota got me.

20/20 Woo! the A’s and R’s are dead giveaways to the different typefaces.


The lowercase t’s are definitely dead giveaways!

Beaten by Mattel, but 19/20, the horizontal cutoffs give Helvetica away.

19/20, the first one threw me off and immediately after all that I learned about Helvetica came back and I aced the rest. Helvetica is always aligned and always organized in such a way that every letter, caps or lower, will flow perfectly into the next…and to do that requires perfect symmetrical cut-offs at the ends of figures.

The “G” and “R” almost threw me off. Here’s where Helvetica shows that it’s got strong foundtions. There’s extra character stuff, but it’s image is stronger with that of the baseline than Arial.

20/20 I feel like a nerd…

20/20 I feel like a nerd…

19/20 American Airlines was my mistake. After that, I spotted huge differences in ‘e’, ‘c’, ‘s’… it was easy when I learned what to look for.

Wow, I don’t know how I got sucked into taking this quiz. Don’t know much about typography.

But I got 20/20!

Fun quiz, thanks. (I don’t own Helvetica — do you have a downloadable prize???)

19/20 - Mattel got me…

20/20 Yesss
Very Happy with myself, even if i did cheat by looking at the Helvetica letter form on the top bar on my mac tehe :P

19/20…fucking TOYOTA :D

20/20 :)

the Os in arial toyota are less round and does the squeezy thing at the bottom

also in mattel the A is less squared and more skinny


yup… Toyota and their cheating O’s caught me out :/

fuck you mattel and toyota!


alas, Toyota and Mattel…

19/20 mattel gave me a hit…

18/20 - Mattel, and I seem to be the only person who made a meal of it with The North Face. I talked myself into believing Helvetica had a straight leg on the R. Great quiz, nice work!

i was ok with mattel - but I got hooked on TOYOTA and BASF - the caps are much harder for me. And like Dan - I didn’t realize the Helvetica R had that curve in it.
Fun quiz!

I just scored a perfect 20/20. I had to analyze the differences in the article before, but the was a great exercise for me because i can now identify arial vs helvetica type faces a little better than before.

19/20. Mattel was the hard one for me.

I was hooked by North face and Toyota. It makes a 90% accuracy, not bad at all, isn’t?

19/20 Mattel…

16/20… but what the hell is up the the “R” in target? that’s what threw me off.


15/20 - fuck

17 of 20. Mattel is INSANE!

20/20 Mattel was a total guess

I got 17/20. I learned about design by reading Architectural Digest. I love design AND Helvetica but my real love is math. Not too shabby.

20/20 aww yeah, nearly stumped by Toyota, capitals are considerably harder than lower case. :)

The all-caps were the hardest to tell apart except for the Gs.


18/20, and i’m proud of it, nerdos!

20/20 Toyota was the most difficult for me. Mattel was tough too. What that one came down to for me was that the original had better kerning. The Ariel recreation wasn’t kerned as well. Lot’s of the letters are giveaways as everyone has mentioned. Just want to add that the Cap P is also a giveaway. The curve of the counterspace isn’t visually balanced with the outer curve.

18/20 MATTEL & TOYOTA!!!

MATTEL got me. darn.


I’m an old lover of Helvetica.

18 out of 20. That was fun!

19/20. Darn you Staples!

So much fun! Cool test.

19/20, stupid Mattel. That was a fun quiz!

19/20, Mattel got me too!

18/20. Mattel and Toyota were so identical

18/20 Mettel and Toyota, like most of you…:)

18/20 Staples and Toyota!

Agfa, it was first and I hesitated about “G”…and Toyota like everybody! :/

19/20 Mattel got me too!

16 out of 20…I got defeated on all the ones with all caps with no R.

This is amazing though, we have an ongoing inside joke in my multimedia… the reverence we give that font is unreal, lol.

The common t is a really good give away too, besides the common r and a.

Woohoo! 19/20. Dang Mattel got me good.

I only got 14/20, but I got correct the ones which most didn’t…

Am I the only one who recognized the obvious Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” reference?! C’mon, guys!

Lots of fun.

20/20.. MATTEL the hardest.. far far away… but not impossible

like many of the others. I got stumped on MATTEL and Toyota. I think its the Capital A that threw me off.

Haha! GREAT BLOG!!! It’s not easy, but good indicaters are the small a and s and the big R;-) Made a lot of fun


Haha! GREAT BLOG!!! It’s not easy, but good indicaters are the small a and s and the big R;-) Made a lot of fun

19/20 Toyota got me.


brilliant blog!

20 of 20! Love Helvetica! =)

Nice quiz

American Airlines and Kawasaki were my killers. It’s funny I found Toyota and Mattel to be ones that jumped right out at me! Funny how different things are noticed by different people.

I do love Helvetica. I noticed the big R’s are different, and the small t’s between them. Yes I am a font geek. No I am not ashamed!!! Awesome quiz. A lot of fun!

MATTEL is the hard one, certainly, for me. Arial’s capital Os are squared off, whereas Helvetica’s are rounded; and pretty much all the other letters have squared off ends in Helvetica and angled in Arial.

18 out of 20
MATTEL & Bell Atlantic

Nice and useful quiz. I’ll propose it to my (typo)students ;^)

I’m not a designer and have not read any help notes. I got 17/20 (got mixed up with one, so it should have been 18) but got both Toyota and Mattel. I used the cap A to distinguish.

Got 19 out of 20. The Mattel-logo stumped me (like many others here).

19/20 Mattel; Grrrr

18 right, Mattel and Toyota wrong - just like many here.

18/20 also got Mattel and Toyota wrong,
what a shame

20/20 its easy helvetica is more beautiful ;)

18/20 and that for a project manager… huhu

I got 19/20. Missed Mattel. Great quiz! And it affirmed why I HATE Arial. Thanks!

20 for 20!

Got 19/20, missed also Mattel :(

Got 17 out of 20. Viva la Helvetica!

missed in the north face … because the R … great blog !!!

18/20, shame on me. Helvetica was born and I began loving type and typography. It became the typeface of our school publication and still is. Hermann, Munich/Germany

Awesome! 19/20 - Defeated by Mattel.

What an exhausting quiz. Who in the hell can actually tell these apart without being a complete neurotic freak about it?

20/20. Got Mattel because I saw during the earlier questions that all the Helveticas were just the slightest bit bolder than the Arials. Got Toyota because I picked the one with the rounder Os, but I think I just got lucky on that one.

Toyota :( 19/20

19/20 . Toyota was the problem, and to be honest, Mattel was a guess. Other 18 were fairly easy. In isolation (without the two side by side) I can’t see how Mattel and Toyota could be anything but guesses. Interesting side note: 31 years ago I wrote software on one of the first computerized photo typesetting programs. I used to live and breath this stuff. The computerized typesetting was a very welcome advance from hot metal (that’s what it was called, because it involved molten lead).

defeated by Mattel!

Great quiz guys, keep up the good work.

I laugh at you Arial. 20/20

There is just no way you can tell between the two MATTEL logos. They are SOOOO alike. I just got that one incorrect. 19/20 for me!

Can anybody explain my what is different in MATTEL logos? Rest are pretty easy. :) Good quiz. Now I understand fully what is a difference beetwen this two fonts. Definietly i like Helvetica more :)

mattel also got me! 19 / 20

19/20. Pesky Toyota.
Ain’t it funny how some of the logos just ‘feel’ better in Helvetica?

I got 19/20…
Damn you, Toyota!

19/20. Mattel.

First time 11/20 then 20/20, the second time got the characteristic S,A,3 and in for toyota the “o” are more “round”


Mattell and Toyota defeated me!!!! Very pleased otherwise. Arial is such a horrible typeface.

19/20 Mattel got me too! Sneaky. Sneaky. Sneaky.

20/20. Love Helvetica!

Going just for aesthetics, and answering quite spontaneously I scored 14 out of 20. Not being a designer myself, I’m OK with it.

Sir,you test has a bug.
when i was confused by one question,
i can right click one of the picture,view the property if it,and the name of the picture betrayed the answer~~~

20/20 - But Toyota… it`s not easy!

20/20 :P Toyota and Mattel were the most difficult ones to spot


Grillé sur American Airline…

I got 18/20. I did wrong at MATTEL and TOYOTA!

I think it’s just a font name, isn’t it?

20/20: Thanks for the exercise! It confirmed my belief that knockoffs just don’t cut it.

19/ 20 scheiß mattel xD

18/20 knowing nothing about either font.
Treat it as a machine learning problem and learn from your mistakes and the observable clues.

Mattel was really difficult…
But in some cases I thought (shame on me!), the Arial looks better.

Easy enough once you know what to look for, though I got caught by the same two as everyone else. But… the two fonts are indistinquishable in my version of Word (2003). Did MS do away with Helvetica in all but name? Anyone know?

19/20. (Toyota!)I think maybe the helvetica A’s are less wide then the arial…?

Got Mattel, but TOYOTA GOT ME !!!

19/20. Guessed on Mattel, but stumped on Toyota. It seems to me that the weights in Arial are not as consistent as they are in Helvetica. The only differences in the Mattel logos are the weights, but it doesn’t seem that Arial is lighter across the board. I also hate Arial’s more open for no good reason capital C.

19/20. Guessed on Mattel, but stumped on Toyota. It seems to me that the weights in Arial are not as consistent as they are in Helvetica. The only differences in the Mattel logos are the weights, but it doesn’t seem that Arial is lighter across the board. I also hate Arial’s more open for no good reason capital C.

So proud! So f… proud!
So, what do I win?

20/20 Toyota and Mattel was dificult to identify. Congratulations for the text, it is very interesting.

Pfft, MATTEL! D:

19/20 - the cursive ‘National’ tricked me.
Toyota was easy: Just spot the ‘o’s - Helvetica ones look much more constructed. This is also a good example that despite Arial has nicer single characters they look significantly less fine tuned for working together when beeing combined to a whole text.

18/20. Failed with Basf and the damned Mattel.

god dam mattel, 19 out of 20!

19/20… failed with Toyotaaa… :P

sólo falle en Toyota. Que buen test me deja muy satisfecho.

I got 14/20.
And I considered myself as absolute Helvetica Lover. Therefore, it was quiet surprising for me, to fail that hard.
Toyota and Matell were indeed the hardest to guess, but I also had troubles with Stapels. I found everything, that contained a C ,was very easy to solve, because of the opening.

I got 14/20, and I always considered myself as a Helvetica Lover.
Anyway, I mainly failed on everything with an A, so MATELL and TOYOTA were not that easy for me either.On the other hand, I found everything with a C quiet easy to figure out.

Did good. 20/20.

Comprender la importancia del origen del diseño tipográfico es fundamental para todo diseñador gráfico; y este test es un buen elemento para comprenderlo. Lo básico no sólo es revisar los trazos de la tipografía de caja baja, lo difícil es revisar los trazos de la tipografía de caja alta.
Gracias por compartir esta información.

I figured out the difference 1/3 of the way through. The ends of Helvetica in t’s, c’s, s’s, etc., are straight edges. Arial’s are diagonal. If that makes sense. haha.

Figured it out at Bell Atlantic, which I got wrong… and Toyota. That one was a toughie.

Failed with 17 wrong out of twenty!!!

That raised a question. I’ve read long time ago that Arial is the cheaper copy of helvetica. But in this test I judged by intuition. So instead of analysing the design of the letters I choosed the one that looks more appealing or clearer to me in a timespan of 2 to 5 seconds. If Arial is the cheaper copy why did I almost always choose it? Is it because I see it more often than the real helvetica?
Or because I am a programmer and not a designer :)

Passed 20 out of 20.

Almost failed on Toyota and Mattel.

I found all the ones in Caps difficult.

Head down in shame as I am a graphic designer by trade!

19/20. Damn that Mattel one.

Letraset learned me to recognise and to see the visual space between letters
how boring it was…LOL
Helvetica straight geometry, bolder and looks better; the slanted Arial cut has legibility for lc but not beauty

Wow I must be the only honest one here with a measly, but truthful score of 12/20. Seriously guys!



19/20 TOYOTA got me!

19/20. I did wrong Kawasaky :(

HAHAHA, MATTEL was the word thet got me, lol, I couldn’t difference between its letters but, that’s good

19/20 ofcourse MATTEL ;)

20/20 - When I was 7 or 8 years old, I would call out the names of the typefaces on all the buildings and billboards. I used to go to my father’s office and read books of type specimens. Helvetica just has a meticulous geometric purity that Arial lacks.


Like others, MATTEL was the only one that got me! My love for Helvetica and distaste for Arial is fortified!

Yeah, MATTEL almost got me too!

I got 20/20.
Very nice test. Good performance. Fun practice.
TOYOTA will not difficult choice for you if you will see ‘%’ matching (Helvetica have more like circles percentages and so ‘O’ alike ).
MATTEL.. thing! But if you take step aside then it seems what the original one is more slender. Helvetica is better well-proportioned.

Interesante test


I had no idea which was which at the start, but at least I was fairly consistent with my guessing ;)

(I’d guessed that the slant at the end of ‘r’, the thinner lines, and the slope-topped ‘t’ were Helvetica…)

got 20/20

some point : helvetica have horizontal line, arial doesn’t

M in helvetica has thinner branch in the middle than arial

Y in helvetica has shorter trunk than arial :p

Nice test - Toyota and Matel - just the same…


19/20 Like many others, Mattel got me. I was able to figure out Toyota somehow, but, it was tough. Strange thing is I think the “Y” gave it away to me. The difference on Mattel for me was the “M.” I couldn’t remember which was which and guessed wrong.

20/20 Hells yeah! Mattel was definitely tough, but Helvetica’s balance revealed itself. Ditto with Toyota.

20/20 yeah baby! I agree with previous comments though that both Mattel and Toyota are hard to decipher.

I got 19/20
beaten by TOYOTA

I got 19/20
beaten by TOYOTA

Hmm.. 16/20 … looks like I could use a little more work..

20/20. MATTEL was a bit of a challenge, but I took the quiz with my glasses off.

18 out of 20 Toyota screwed me.

19 of 20 defeated by digital

Bla, I missed out on Mattel too. And Staples -_- I thought the more-rounded ‘e’ would belong to Helvetica, not Arial. I got Toyota though! :D

Great quiz!
18/20: Toyota and Mattel wrong :)
Cheers from Portugal

20/20 words with c and s are simple. Mattel was tricky

19 out of 20. Curse you Mattel!

20/20 the most difficult was Toyota.
In all doubts, the “A”, “t”, “e” and “r” saved the action. Greetings from Portugal.

20/20 - the most difficult was Toyota.
In all doubts, the “A”, “t”, “e” and “r” saved the action. Greetings from Portugal.

fuckin’ mattel and toyota. uppercase is very similar

20/20, baby! I got stuck on the Mattel logo, but it’s totally obvious when you look at the 3M and North Face logos. Arial is such an ugly font….

19/20 Mattel got me.

19/20, TOYOTA got me but then again I got lucky on MATTEL, lol.

20/20! MATTEL was so tricky. But watch the M :)

19/20, for some reason Post-it got me, I was fine on Toyota and Mattel, though.

19/20! Damn you Mattel!

19/20 Damn Mattel


20/20! Mattel was the only one that wasn’t obvious… the L made the difference.

Got 19, and the TOYOTA trademark chosen wrong.hah~

18/20 Mattel and Toyota.

Fun way to sharpen the old typographic eye.

More please.

“I spotted 19 of the 20 - I was defeated by Mattel.”

IDEM! - Great quiz ;)

19/20, bloody Staples got me :/

University finally paid off haha

19/20, bloody Staples got me :/

University finally paid off haha

19/20 — Mattel tripped me up. LOL On the Toyota one, I just happen to drive a Toyota, so I think that probably helped. Excellent idea for a quiz — enjoyed taking it! :-)

BTW, I’ve always hated Arial. When I got to where I’d had it up to here with Windows and switched from Windows to Linux 6 years ago today, seeing Helvetica or something resembling it, even if under another name, pleased me no end (it’s “Nimbus Sans L” in PCLinuxOS).

I think as a designer u cant really miss the difference. Its more huge that it seems. Arial it’s just grose.

19 /20

Damn you Mattel

20/20 easy


The slight differences between the fonts were easy to spot, just recalling which name went with which font was the hard part. :P

Helvetica seems to have straighter edges in its curved letters/numbers (e,r,c,3,s)

20/20. That’s a great test!

I got 20 out of 20 questions correctly. In the TOYOTA logo the O’s are not of Helvetica. Other than that it was simple. I just picked the logo that looked right for TOYOTA.

17/20 Toyota, Mattel, and (sob) American Airlines. Great quiz.

19/20… I should have noticed Helvetica’s distinctive longer “O.”

:), I´m just learning

18/20, fooled by toyota and basf, still fairly pleased


Very good!!! great test!!!

Doing the test a few times, just learned the differences.. TOYOTA was the annoying one… :)

Fun quiz!

I took the quiz twice, both times as quickly as possible.

First score was 16/20 American Airlines, Basf, Mattel, Staples.

Second score was 19/20 Mattel.

Good reminder of how different these fonts really are. After reading the comments I love how tricky Mattel apparently is.

Also, I’ve never hated Arial but to me this quiz has made it more obvious how nostalgic Helvetica is by far the better choice for logotypes (more balanced/more impact/just better looking).

Reminds me of car designs. While a new Mini might be best for some of today’s purposes a classic Mini will always look awesome.

F*king MATTEL logo (19/20) I should have paid more attention to the kerning.

I love Helvetica and now this is proof.
Just came across this quiz while browsing and this feels really good.

18/20 I thought I knew Helvetica :-(

Defeated by Mattel too. :-) Nice Quiz

19 of 20. Mattel beat me as well.

I think that in our workplaces where Windows machines dominate, we get used to seeing that non-Helvetica font.

Ho hum.

Mattel almost got me, but I went with my gut and got it right.

Beaten by Mattel. I’m pretty good at spotting it but Mattel got me with their all caps.

20/20 but is wrong, isn’t Helvetica because the Helvetica have the letter a more elongated -.-

I did pretty good. The numbers and lowercase letters were easy to spot, but it was tough with the uppercase letters.

also defeated by Mattel. grrrrr


It’s easy, Helvetica makes me want to choke, Arial just makes me want to puke.

19/20 MATTEL as so many before.
This is a fun quiz, yet not too difficult for typomaniacs.

It was an especially awful thing to look at 3M in Arial!

20/20 baby!!!

20/20 baby!!!


Toyota got the better of me!

I got 20/20, the mattel one nearly got me though. Only Arial can make Helvetica pretty by comparison IMO

Fantastic idea! Excellent quiz. I made 19 out of 20 - MATTEL was the wrong choice.

The easiest was BASF, It’s amazing how the -product’s elegance- changes when its logo is set in Helvetica or Arial.
Hardest was TOYOTA, I must admit Arial matches well there.

Toyota and AGFA got me :) 18 / 20

19/20 the italic and low res of the National logo got me. But the all caps ones were hard. 3rRtesc tended to be the letters that gave good hits. I dislike arial more than I did for the c angles on the ends. Good test though. Wonder how many people in a company with that logo would do?

20/20! Graphic design education paying off..

20 out 20! it rocks!

I am so embarrassed. 19 out of 20.

Mattel got me as well. 19 of 20!!

12 out of 20. lol I had no idea they were that close. The ones I got right were because of pattern matching based on the ones I got wrong, not because of any familiarity with either. My favourite font is Lucida Casual.


18/20, seems that I’m the only one who missed American Apparels? Hahahaha. And Toyota too!

20/20, Toyota and Mattel where the most difficult ones, but easy enough to spot when you realize the difference lies in the roundness of the O and the distance in the arms of the E

19/20 Staples got me.

In hindsight I should have spotted it… Never mind.

kawasaki… aaargh!!! big mistake

I was surprised at how nice the lower-case t is in Arial as opposed to Helvetica. I incorrectly guessed one of the early pairs on that basis, and used the mistake to correctly identify Helvetica afterward. Brilliant game.

Missed Mattel…

The t’s, c’s, and G’s are WAYYYYYY different. Plus, you can tell which logo is redone because the kerning sucks.

19/20. Was also done in by Mattel.

… Mattel again. :-)

20/20. The only hard ones were Toyota and Mattel, just look for the S’s and G’s and it should be easy.

Not bad, 19 correct. It was difficult with Mattel

Yay! 20/20. Mattel & Toyota were too close.

20/20. Mattel was tough. That was almost by instinct. Toyota wasn’t that tough. The O is rounder in the real logo. Even if Helvetica’s O weren’t round, the designer would have made it round.

20/20… Not sure about mattel… Lucky guess.. it’s on the “E”… Same as toyota… But what I remembered is not the helvetica/arial… It is the original logo… Thanks for the hints: the original is helvetica…

I got 19/20, too. Mattel got me as well. The Toyota logotype is actually constructed and not truly Helvetica. The “S” in Staples looks modified from Helvetica.

This quiz was fun. Thank you.
I scored 20/20.
The most difficult ones were for me :
- Mattel (I guessed right because
I found the kerning for Arial was amiss)
- Toyota (I guessed right because
the Helvetica logo is just so familiar)
The others I found easier because of
obvious shape differences (capital G,
lowercase t, digit 3, etc).

I missed Mattel,
I not spend to much time with, perhaps if I looking more scrutinize…
Excellent quiz!

p.s. using Arial in replacing of Helvetica is a blasphemy!

Hate you MATTEL!!
got stuck with toyota, but could spot the diferrence between the 2 ‘O’…..
and i score 19 on 20!

I got 20 out of 20! But I am a Virgo…

20/20, yay!

The only one I really struggled about was Toyota, others were relatively easy.

Great test!

20/20 Huzzah! Though the MATTEL one was a slight guess :)

20/20 B-) I’m proud of myself :D :D
Many of you said, you had problems with Mattel, 3M or toyota… Just take a look on the M in mattel and 3M - :) especially beside the 3 the M looks much more natural and aesthetic when typed with helvetica. and at toyota you can differ it when you look at O - helvetica has it more closer to a simple circle at the outer stroke as well as at the inner one.

I scored 19 of 20. Mattel was the problem;)

20/20 :)
..have to credit this great article!

Not so bad!

18/20 stuck on Mattel and Toyota.

20 out of 20, just need to know where to look, when in doubt, pick the best looking one!

18 / 20

I had difficulties with Lufthansa and National :(

Focus on the e and E :)
small e has a straight (er) end (also for the a)
large E has a smaller middle stripe

18/20! The Mattel one was hard!

20/20 Arial just doesnt come close. even without looking for the slanting ends of letters the helvetica ones just look more solid and well formed. The O’s in arial arn’t round either

I got only 14 of 20 :(

19/20 MATTEL was the culprit as well.
Sorry I didn’t read all the posts, but noticed most everyone had the same problem.
Makes me wonder if one can argue that Arial actually looks better in all caps (blasphemous?) than Helvetica when properly kerned.
When I couldn’t figure out which was Helvetica, I went with the one I felt was more visually appealing, as in more balanced weight against the burst graphic and appropriately sized “M”, etc. I mean, it should be a 50/50 chance on that one, and if most everyone is choosing Arial, well…

19/20 Also tricked by MATTEL - what would Barbie think?

18-20, i missed STAPLES and LUFTHANSA

18 de 20 solo me confundio la palabra mattel y toyota :p

19-20 me derroto MATTEL

19/20 conmigo jugo fue Toyota :P

De acuerdo con los que dijeron que MATTEL y TOYOTA y 3M, pero viendo la “t”, la “G” y la “S”, se hizo más fácil.

Got them all bar MATTEL, and I so thought I had that right. Darn it……

19/20. Staples got me.

20/20 My typography teacher will be proud of me♡Very good test!! Thank you!

I learned a lot! This game is fantastic!! :D

I got 18/20. I also missed the Mattel one.

Also, in all the logos, I noticed the lowercase A does not have the pronounced foot you’re supposed to see in Helvetica. So a lot of times I fell back to looking for the slanted T or the tightly closed C to determine which was which.

Good quiz though!

19 out of 20, MATTEL tripped me up.

got 18 out of 20. Could not differentiate in two which were very close.

I got 19 of 20, I couldn’t distinguish between the toyota logos.


Well I tried and didn’t too too bad, at least Mattel didn’t catch me out

I got 19 of 20, did I go wrong between the logos of Toyota.


Mattel was hard but managed to get it but i got Toyota wrong. should have looked closer at the kerning!!! do’h! great quiz though.

Mattel stole my 20/20 :( Damn barbies!

20/20 The hardest one for me was Mattel. 3M was really obvious, though.

19/20. Missed Toyota - the Helv O is rounder than the Arial O, apparently. It all adds up to Helvetica being a nicer face than Arial!

18/20. Toyota and…American Airlines!? How’d THAT one slip past me?

20/20 I almost got stumped on Toyota, and to be entirely honest, I thought I picked the wrong one. Yay!

Doesn’t hurt that I’ve been playing Helvetica Vs Arial all day!

Like many on this board, I readily admit that I easily could’ve missed Mattel and Toyota. I definitely picked up some useful distinctions along the way, though.

19/20. missed TOYOTA - it’s sometimes difficult to tell Helvetica and Ariel apart, esp. in the uppercase.

anyway, they’re till some subtle differences, such as the arrangement and layout of ‘O’ or ‘Y’, the former is rounder in Helvetica; the later the shape and proportion on each part will tell you the difference.

19/20. missed TOYOTA - it’s difficult to tell Helvetica and Ariel apart in the uppercase.

anyway, they’re till some subtle differences, such as the arrangement and layout of character ‘O’ and ‘Y’, the former is rounder in Helvetica; the later the shape and proportion on each part will tell you the difference.

19 out of 20 - missed MATTEL - tricky angle perception


I got Mattel right. I spotted the narrower A of Helvetica. And I picked the narrower A for Toyota again. But the test tells me I’m wrong. What’s up with that? Are you sure the test is not faulty? Because it’s counter-intuitive to have to pick the wider A for Toyota.

19/20. I agree with the poster edgepixel. Can anyone clarify our doubt?

7/20 Ha!

Seems like almost everyone got beat by Mattel! (And Staples for me.) 18/20.

20/20. Gut feel. One toyota looked genuine and the other one fake. Thanks, it was fun.

20/20. Gut feel. One toyota looked genuine and the other one fake. Thanks, it was fun.

20/20: Smart quiz, the last options were the most difficult, but Helvetica is more symmetric and geometric with superb spacing. Small hint: Observe the ends of the “S” AND “C” letters very carefully, they have each other a parallel orientation. Kerning and symmetry can reveal the beautiful shapes of Helvetica. Well done!

Mattel was a tough one! 17 of 20.

19/20, Mattel was the one that got away! :)

20/20, Got it. Mattel and Totota were tough, but made it. Amazing Quiz :)

19/20. Mattel got me, too, but I learned my lesson. Helvetica seems a tad ‘fatter’.

To all you ‘19/20’ designer font fan boys, i am an amateur designer (no formal training) and i got just 8 out of 20. As a ‘consumer’, who’s opinions do you think matters more, mine or yours? ;)

19/20 TOYOTA got me, but I think that the letter “O” is very circular like Futura. Helvetica, as I have in mind, uses more condensed “O”. Anyway, the right answer in TOYOTA question is much better designed that the wrong one.

One more thing. I also agree with the poster edgepixel. The letter “O” in TOYOTA isn’t helvetica. It must have been edited from the designer.

19/20 TOYOTA was really heard, I thought Helvetica was the one that had the narrower hole in the letter A, worked for me in some of the other logos. Also, in some of the logos like TOYOTA, MATTEL and 3M, most people would not have been able to know the difference.

20/20! And it wasn’t even hard for me. Arial has many “tells”. The t in particular is ugly.

I was livid recently when the marketing department at my job put Arial on the cover of one of my reports lol.

19/20. Mattel got me.

Toyota killed me too :(

19/20 I got done in by a Toyota. I think I’ll pay better attention to those O’s next time.

mattel trolling me a little 20/20( in mexico says chiripa)

20/20 WOW

Mattel was tricky though!

20/20 WOW

Mattel and Toyota was tricky, though

16/20. Thought I did really well until I saw other people’s scores. Perhaps I’m experiencing the Dunning-Kruger effect.

11/20 based purely on visual memory of brand logos, not anything to do with knowledge of fonts.


Failed Kawasaki, Mattel and American Airlines

20/20 - easy :D

Some of them I chose just on visual preference (which looked better to me)

19/20 Got the MATTEL one wrong. Still can’t see the difference to be honest. The rest was dead easy.

Damn Mattel, was tough as hell. But still 19 out of 20.

Darn, 15/20. Missed AA, Kawasaki, North Face, Lufthansa, and Staples. Guess I better stay out of graphic design.

Darn, 15/20. Missed AA, Kawasaki, North Face, Lufthansa, and Staples. Guess I better stay out of graphic design.

I have scored 18/20. I failed to recognize two of them because they are almost identical.

15/20. And I felt it was an achievement!

I got 13/20. The Mattel one was tough!


Panasonic, BASF, MATTEL and Kawasaki

15/20 But I have no typographic knowledge besides casual computer use. So there were a few guess. The capital A was the biggest giveaway for a lot of them. I got Mattel even because of the A. The angles and dimensions on Arial seemed squatter; Helvetica A seemed more balanced.


19/20 - Missed Toyota. I didn’t know the rules on the “O” for Helvetica.



I went into this with no idea what the differences really are, but caught on quickly.

19/20 Mattel got me!

20/20. Suck it Arial.

20/20 I didn’t pay attention to any of the logos and the first one was a guess. Once I knew it was right, I simply matched the tiny differences for subsequent questions. The tiny differences were the angle at which the characters finished the stroke like “r”, “c”, “g”, and “e” which always end aligned to either the vertical or the horizontal axis. For MATTEL, you had to use the font weight since all the capital letters meet the above requirement in both fonts.

17/20 as a total muggle in design with only a steadfast believe that “helvetica is the nicer one”.

17/20 as a total muggle in design with only a steadfast believe that “helvetica is the nicer one”.

19/20 as well Mattel .. got me.

Arial is a poor cousin indeed.

20/20 I had great Typography Professors from Tidewater Community College. Heather Boone & Germane Clair.

18/20 — Should have studied the M in Mattel. I think the lower text in Staples through me off.

20/20. As unscientific as this is Mattel started out difficult until I noticed how gross the M looked in the Arial version, and this was the same for the “o” in Toyota (but that one was tough). I couldn’t always rely on weight because Helvetica varies, though.

17 out of 20
Helvetica’s bold is bolder. Staples didn’t have the ® in Arial, and the F in The North Face was rendered wrong.

19/20 and done on by Mattel…seems to be a popular one to stumble on…

Like everyone, got tripped up by Mattel (19/20). I had no idea which was which, but I figured the narrower and newer looking font was Arial. For what it’s worth, I think Arial looks cleaner and ‘better’ than Helvetica.

17/20. I didn’t know what the quiz was about until I reached the 6th question.

16/20, having no idea at the beginning of the difference, but being a quick learner…

19/20 - MATTEL ..

Toyota was close too, could’ve gone either way.
but, What you going to do about block caps!?

Arial is a “clone” of Helvetica, so what’s the fuss about? The R is probably the most dramatic deviation, if dramatic is even suitable.

Get back to work!

Hey so I don’t think this was brought up in the comments, but some of those logos that you copied in Arial are using a slightly different black. Like the Post-It and Scotch ones in particular. Really easy to spot if you tilt your monitor or get an angle on viewing them.

Otherwise great quiz! Got 19/20… Mattel…!

You answered 19 out of 20 questions correctly.

20/20 - It is easy when you know what to look - the URL of the logos. It says which logo is Arial and which logo is Helvetica.
(In other words, I cheated.)

18/20 — Most were easy but I tripped up on a couple of subtle ones.

18/20 - TOYOTA and MATTEL. I love Helvetica, and not only because I am swiss…

19/20 - 1 point gone with “Kawasaki”

18/20 - beaten by digital and Toyota

I spotted everything, it’s easy when you know where to look. But some logos were harder and I wasn’t 100% sure about my choice.

20/20 ^_^

19/20 Panasonic

Mattel and Toyota got me….Helvetica is usually my go-to font

19/20 Got American Airlines wrong, but that cemented my understanding of the differences.

19/20. Mattel was the one that got me!

I’m not certain about the non-O characters in TOYOTA, but Crate & Barrel definitely uses a non-Helvetica C.

I got TOYOTA because the ‘O’s are slightly more round in Helvetica. Slightly more rectangular in Arial.

In most of the logos, Helvetica has the slightly bolder weight. But in Mattel, Arial was bolder. That threw me off.

19/20 - Derrotado pela The North Face.

19/20 - Derrotado pela The North Face.

19/20, Mattel got me!

Honestly: 18/20

Cheeting: 17/20

Honestly: 18/20

Cheeting: 17/20

19 out of 20. Mattel was hard. nice quiz!

Made it to 19 out of 20. My defeat was at TOYOTA. Damn those capitals ^^

19/20 - Curse you Mattel!

I got 12 from 20. No formal background makes this a goo dish kind of score. I figured the difference and prefer the delicateness of Arial

I scored 20/20. Whew! Mattel and Toyota nearly got me. Really fun quiz.

Mattel got me. Nice exercise!

Good quiz, although the Mattel question is not entirely fair as it uses all non-differentiable glyphs - the weight was the only difference, so without comparing it to the actual logo I’d assert anyone has a 50/50 chance.

I’m only complaining because it accounts for my 19/20 score, of course.


Granted, Mattel and Staple almost got me. Toyota was noticeable because of the roundness of the ‘O’.

Great quiz!

Woop! 20/20 it’s easy when you know how ^_^

17/20 :)

Well as much as I hate Arial, thought this would be a breeze! 14/20 first try waking up from dead sleep and 2 sips of coffee, 18/20 after more coffee and some oxygen. Thx SC for the suggestion of movie “Helvetica”, I added to my Netflix! Since font is not so much a focus in my position (just layout and logo placement), I never really paid much attention. Now time to study!

20/20. The capitals were a bit hard, but the thinkness of the “T” and roundness of the “O” made the choice quite evident. Fun test. :)

Amazing! There were more tell tale signs than I thought, although a couple of them almost caught me out – quality always shines through in the end. Helvetica is a great font, but it’s Akzidenz Grotesk for me, for ever!

18/20 - Mattel from hell! And National got me. I just got too confident and click-happy.

Great quiz to get my morning design juices flowing.


9/20!! I’m sure you all are cheating again. this was a doozy I need to go lay down have a good day

18/20 beaten by The North Face and Toyota

20/20,i want to make friends with the ones who score 20!

20/20,i want to make friends with the ones who score 20!

HaHa got it. @)/20 Thanks Font Explorer Pro!
Fun way to study for the quiz coming up.

HaHa got it. @)/20 Thanks Font Explorer Pro!
Fun way to study for the quiz coming up.

18/20 missed mattel and digital. Pretty good for a non-visual reader!

Really great idea! And I was proud of myself for getting 18 correct. MATTEL got me as uppercase is definitely easier to pull off. But if I’m not mistaken, some of the original logos have had very slight changes made to certain characters to differentiate themselves as well over the years… not sure; maybe you know?

17/20 I too was defeted by MATTEL also TOYOTA and digital. I learned something. Pretty cool, thank you.

19/20 Mattel got me too

Mattel got me. 19/20

20/20 however Mattel and Toyota was hard. REAL HARD.

19/20. I guess MATTEL is the one that gets everybody, huh?

19/20 - defeated by Mattel. Should have looked more closely at the width of the “A”. Great quiz!

I got 15 outa 20 on the quiz! Not bad considering I didn’t even know there was a difference!! But I do have a good eye!

20 out of 20. Mattel and Toyota were tough! :)

17/20 Nice game

20/20! Toyota and Mattel were hard though as everyone has mentioned. It’s all about the vertical and horizontal tails. great quiz!

20/20! It’s all about the vertical and horizontals. Mattel and Toyota were hard though, as everyone else has also mentioned ;) nice one!

18/20 Got distracted at Staples by the L, and mattel.

19/20 here. Like many others, I fell victim to the oh-so-similar-looking uppercase characters in Mattel.

Excellent quiz and thoughtful use of relevant examples. Kudos!

19/20. Mattel’s kerning gave it away for me, but Toyota got me. This actually made me appreciate Helvetica a lot more. It’s really not a difference the average person would probably notice, but the craftsmanship of the letterforms appeals to me.

17/20,, I was Bad.. Remember that Helvetica letters do not have slant corners.

19/20. Mattel got me too. And I’ve been lucky with Toyota.

MATTEL and TOYOTA defeated me. I guess I am not as familiar with the all caps.

12/20. The lack of the R to indicate a registered trademark made Staples, whose slogan is, “That was easy”, er, easy!

Toyota was also quite easy, as I remembered that the ‘O’ are nice and round, rather than oval.

19/20. Yep, Mattel did it.

Mattel got me. :( That was a tough one!

18-20. Mattel and Toyota got me.

19/20 - but got Mattel and Toyota right. I clicked too soon on Staples…
Great quiz, thanks!

20 | 20 … but MATTEL is a little bit too small on this website to properly judge the “M” and “E”…

20/20 The terrible kerning on the fake versions of mattel,and staples gave away the fakes. In Toyota the Os are where you look. Helvetica’s Os are rounder.

18/20 Toyota and Target got me~~~

18/20 …mattel got me…but, I should’ve seen toyota :D

I missed pretty much everything!!

I belong to the TOYOTA faction. I still don’t see definite clues to which is which. So 19/20 is a good thing, isn’t it. Did anyone of get the strange feeling that some logos don’t look too bad in Arial?

20/20. Confused with Mattel and Toyota, I think the only different is in “A” and “O”. I think capital “A” in Helvetica look better. :D


It’s a very good exeercise!!

19/20 I had the hardest time with the all cap logos. Great execise!


All caps are the most difficult to tell (unless there are letters with curves like S and R). Otherwise, the easiest way to tell is that all letters in Helvetica terminate perfectly vertically or horizontally.


All caps are the most difficult to tell (unless there are letters with curves like S and R). Otherwise, the easiest way to tell is that all letters in Helvetica terminate perfectly vertically or horizontally.

20 out of 20!

20 out of 20!

19/20. all cap TOYOTA was my downfall.

19/20. It was Agfa.

20/20 !!! Gotta watch out for them staples. Look at the tagline, not the logo.

Thank you it was fun.

Facile en plus!

19/20. Bitten by Mattel, even having just watched Helvetica the movie!

19/20. I was too fast clicking on TOYOTA. Damn.

20/20 as a sign writer I wouldn’t expect anything less :)

easy 20/20.. i didnt think i’d make it. But this was easy, fun and informative.

Very easy to recognize. Arial is just a cheap copy of Univers. very different to Helvetica in the counting details!


16/20 - Agfa, Panasonic, Target, 3M

Not bad for someone who doesn’t know what to look for.
I mean, I only know those are fonts in my MS Word.


first time 16/20 and I only just looked at the differences on wiki for like a split second, second time 20/20.

While helvetica looks nice, it’s just pure pendantry to give a flying crap about a font. It’s practically identical to arial no matter what pendantic losers who care about something so trivial as a fonttype say.

If companies changed all helvitica fonts to arial it wouldn’t affect ANYONES life, in any way, shape, or form. And 99.99999999999999999999999% of the population wouldn’t even notice.