July 9, 2009

Esoteric Comic #1


I have a long record of posting positive comments, most of which praise your ideas… this one, not so much. I like the concept of esoteric comics, but not this particular comic for its debut as I think this is really just a visual pun. Kind of like those visual word puzzles, for example:

|READ| = Read between the lines

Anyone know what those puzzles are called? Do they have a specific name?

Mr. Wisdumb: A “rebus,” perhaps? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebus

Haha whatever Mr. Wisdumb, I laughed. Good comic!

So bad it belongs in the New Yorker.

Felix… thanks, but I don’t think that is right. However, after following your link, I finally came across this site that calls them Word Winks, which they say are also called Plexers, Thinklers, Frame Games. I have never heard of any of those names, but the site does show what I remember as a kid.

I think it’s great.
You guys keep searching for a classification for this joke while I file it right here under ‘Awesome Dad-joke’.

That metaphor made me simile.

It would’ve been better if the big four was composed of only four small fours.

Hey dude, pretty nice blog you got here. I had to laugh so much man :)

Keep on writing!

Greetings from Germany,


This is great. Maybe some of the above negative comments missed the extra joke. :)

The day after this post, Richard Wiseman proposed this visual exercise: http://59seconds.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/which-letter-do-you-see-first/

looks more like a “meta-four” to me

Well I like it anyway… but then I think puns rule.

psych nerds like me will also note that this is a “Navon Figure” - see David Navon’s (1977) Study of Global vs. Local Perceptual Processing

Thanks for explaining that joke for those of us who can’t handle punnery, David.

This comic is my new desktop background; love it!

c00l meta-Four… :P

meta-4’s… hahahaha

I had to think for a moment and this was actually quite genius. I agree, some of the negative people above really missed the point; it was really funny.