May 20, 2009

60 Seconds in the Life of Windows

Part 37 in an ongoing series of (approximately) 60 Second Films.


That’s 65 seconds!

That might be your bet one yet. The extra five seconds must make all the difference.

Argh. BEST one yet. Damn.

What did you film that with?

really nice.. looks like a sort of puppet show and viewer just can not look away…

That could be adapted into a great screensaver.

I think it’s in Chicago airport?

At first, they bothered me. It just didn’t sit right as I watched the video. Maybe it was a subconscious personification of the sticks.

Then, on a second viewing, I indulged such fantasies. The washing stick is your average stick. He’s at work and he’s doing what he does best.

The squeegee stick is drunk. More than a little drunk. Look how he wobbles around and takes forever to get just three rows done.

I wonder if he would have gone all the way to the top if he wasn’t being filmed. Love your site!

Salt Lake City?


Looks like a Warhol film.