April 27, 2009

Post-it Note inventor watches Sticky Note Experiments

I recently photographed Art Fry, the inventor of the Post-it Note, for an ongoing photo project I’m doing about inventors. After the shoot, I asked if he’d ever seen the Sticky Note Experiments video by Eepybird (the Mentos and Diet Coke guys). It turned out he hadn’t. Well, I just happened to bring a copy of the video with me on my iPhone so I could show it to him.

I filmed his reaction as he watched it:

If you haven’t already seen it, this is the video he was watching:


he was probably seeing green $$. That is a lot of sticky notes :)

omg… that is unbelievable… how did they do that?

on a side note, my boss hated how much i used post-its, which i probably used close to 280,000 during my time there.

I love the fact that you were able to be the first one to show Mr. Fry the video. That must have made you feel great.

The 3M (Post-It) and Apple (iPhone) people should both send you large sums of money!

[and if they do, I’ll accept the customary 10% finder’s fee as I wouldn’t want to insult you]

ne1 knows what the name of song in video

Thanks so much for posting this! We really enjoyed seeing him see our video! The music was written specifically for the video and isn’t available separately — sorry. Thanks again! - Fritz & Stephen

Danke! I enjoyed it mightily, both videos! :)

Wonderful video. Must have really made your week being able to watch the unfolding…

V cool!
I enjoyed watching both videos simultaneously (I synchronised them by matching the soundtrack) so I could see the reactions to specific sections.
Great post.

That was awesome, especially after synchronizing the videos.

best album of all time - “EAT THE PEACH” by the led zepplein — listen often

wow! brilliant!

What a great guy … that Art Fry! Many years ago,in the late 1980’s, I had an idea for an invention and needed some advice. Art actually asked me to his house for tea and cookies. Best of luck Art, on the new Phrazer … great idea!