April 8, 2009

I wrote it, you made it: The Bulbdial Clock

Just about a year ago, I came up with a concept for a clock whose hands are shadows projected by bulbs shining on a center post. I called it the Bulbdial Clock, and my concept design looked like this:

Well, I’m thrilled to see that the evil mad scientists over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have actually built a working model! They posted lots of pictures, and it’s pretty awesome:

Head over to their site and see how they made it. They’re considering making a kit available so people can build their own Bulbdial Clocks. If you’d like to see that happen, let them know in the comments on their blog.

Update: Kits are now available! Visit EMSL for more info.


Oh my. I soooo want one of those (but in a nicer casing)!

This is pretty rad.

Neat idea! I’ve always thought a sundial that contained a clock and rotated to more accurately cast its shadow would be amusing.

It’s be-yoo-ti-ful! Also, see how pretty it looks in a darkened room.

I’d buy it, if you made the kit available…that’s awesome!

I like your version much better — it could be extremely accurate. And so cool.