April 15, 2009

First Look: Citizen Kane 3D

Have you heard? Citizen Kane is getting the IMAX 3D treatment!* From the press release: “Finally audiences can see Citizen Kane the way Orson Welles intended. From the halls of Xanadu to the Chicago Opera House, audiences will feel like they’re really there. Through a revolutionary process, Citizen Kane has been masterfully converted to 3D. No longer will some characters seem smaller than others on-screen, an unfortunate side effect of projecting images in two dimensions. Now audiences will finally see that the smaller characters are really just further away.”

Get out your 3D glasses. Here are some promotional stills from “CK3D”:

*not really.


How about a “Flatland: the pop-out edition” book.


14 days late on the post?

Still, cool concept :)

Just like Russian literature, the last words turn everything upside-down. Man, I’d have loved that to be true.

The bit where the little sled comes RIGHT AT YOU is killer, I tell ya.

Did Ted Turner put you up to this?

I would totally go to an IMAX theater to watch Citizen Kane 3d.

I think it would be fun to run an IMAX theater.

I do anaglyphs as a hobby and that one of Kane on the stack of papers is one of the best conversions I have seen!

I just finished converting Nosferatu into 3D. Sadly it is not IMAX! I wrote about it for Creative Cow magazine (page 23 of the pdf)


Ha! I actually have 3D glasses and put them on to see the photos! Pretttty cooool!

Looks like they’ve already started. ;-)

Someone converted a scene, at least:


Looks fantastic.

Someone converted a scene from it into 3D - it looks incredible - it really needs to be done to the entire film.