March 23, 2009

Idea: T-Shirts for Hairy-Chested Men

As the weather gets warmer, smooth-chested guys nationwide will be hanging out shirtless in parks and on beaches. A hairless chest is so trendy these days that it’s practically a fashion accessory. But what’s a guy with a hairy chest supposed to do? How can he incorporate his hairy chest in his own fashion?

Well, that’s why I’ve come up with T-Shirts for Hairy-Chested Men, with strategic cutouts that allow your hairy chest to show through. They could feature portraits of famous curly-haired celebrities like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Harpo Marx (for blondes). At last, the Hairy-Chested Man can finally showcase his own natural chest hair with style.


The only flaw i see is specifically in the drawing you have there. How would you stop Jimi’s head from flopping over or curling up?

ps. If you turn this into a shirt in your shop I think I would pee myself!

Well, I’ve got my summer wardrobe picked out.


Every day.

Unfortunately, I’d have to wait until they made a Kenny Rogers version.

Make the hair part be mesh so you can see the hair but the face doesn’t fall down!

the tanlines on that would be brutal.

That idea shoudn’t be limited to men-with-chesthair. What about a Kojack-version for men without chesthair? I can’t come up with a girly-version, but that shouldn’t withold you from drawing a ladies-shirt with a big hole in it.

Hilarious. And I am glad you didn’t pursue the male swimwear category!

haha! And for the German market: the Hoff… with extra holes to show HIS chest hair (in case you have a hairy belly that is…)

This is hilarious. Please make these immediately.

make a lincoln one for dudes like me with furry stomachs

Yes to your idea, the mesh idea, and I would get the Lincoln version too.

It terrifies me even thinking about seeing nipples in Jimi’s hair.

along with shagtaw, i’m going to lobby for a walt whitman shirt for all the hairy-bellied men i know.

How about Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out? That could work for the older folks with white hairy chest. The mesh or hairnet is good idea too.

I would wear this in a heartbeat.
I am a super hairy guy so I would love to own one of these.

I need one so badly!

That’s Hilarious! Great Idea!

Is there also a Bob Ross version. I want that one:)

I’d like to see a Magnum, P.I./Tom Selleck one, with a cutout for the hair and the awesome mustache.

And kittens!

Nice t-shirt different from others.
I really want this.

I would love to see a Karl Marx version.

Sounds great!=)
Can’t wait to see these t-shirt..;D

Technically, Harpo Marx had a pink wig for most of his career. I can’t remember if he finally switched colors toward the end or not.

Plastic panel to hold it in place, then we can ahve sweaty man hair behind it. Eeeewww / Yummmm. Delete as applicable.

You could do Ted Danson, that way both hairies and non-hairies alike could share the love …

You could put a patch of Velcro on the back of Jimmy’s face to make it stay up. :)

It’s gonna have a similar feature on the reverse side for the guys with back hair, right?

I’m going to start putting Rogain on my chest, just in case you start making these… And if that doesn’t work, I’m gluing on a toupee.

How does Jimi’s head stay up once you remove all the fabirc?

In a similar vein, women who want a tattoo of a man with a pointy beard could use their pubic hair to good effect. Freud seems the obvious choice.

Dude I totally want one!

So, You’ve totally been listed on the Fashion Police’s site. Which, while not so much an honor, is definitely a sign that someone’s watching…

haha! Fashion Police!

Now if you’re not into the fashion trend and want to show your hairy chest.

Don’t forget one for the hairy-bellies too.

What a coincidence, I’ve got a pair of pants that do this.

im would wear that shirt cause im smuggling chewbacca under my shirt

great idea!
I want to see a Don King version….

Cool, very nice design

This reminds me of a movie I saw in the 80’s called So Fine (starring Herman Munster!) about some guy who invents the next fashion hit. A pair of jeans with clear plastic where the butt should be. Genius!

lol. the captcha was “but count”

Late to the party but this is hilarious! To hold up Jimi’s face, it would only require a couple of threads that could be worked into the design, allowing the chest hair to flow pretty much unrestricted. Maybe fishing line—it’s strong, and it’s practically invisible.