January 16, 2009

First Line

For some reason I’ve had this line in my head for months now. So I decided to finally draw it and post it:

In my mind, this means something specific. Can you figure out what? And if so, how far can you continue the line?


Has it got something to do with musicians always writing songs about terrible events? Though in my head that doesn’t explain the bird or the snake(except for the song Barry White sings for snakes on The Simpsons) That’s my way-off guess…

Lenny Bruce is not a afraid! That’s a sad hurricane, friend.

Damn! Now I just look foolish.

I’d draw an ear for listening to yourself churn. but after that I can’t fathom how you could continue.

That’s great!

It may be, but “I feel fine”.

Leo-nard Bern-stein!

Viva R.E.M.!

Each of the images is more dangerous than the last.

Brilliant! As always.

Say, for such a carefully designed site, why don’t you have a favicon?

You should come up with a cool one.

nevermind. It finally showed up in my ie6 browser. My bad.

I have no idea what it means, but I like it anyway. Great continuity…

The sound of twitter is seducing me away from my karaoke and into the abyss… ?

Speaking of the favicon, it seems that its declaration is not right in the HTML of this page. The header refers to:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”favicon.ico”>

where it would be better to have no indication (default /favicon.ico) or the more accurate (for this site):

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/favicon.ico”>

I hope this helps and does not simply sound moronic.

Hmmm, I looked at this and immediately thought of a seismic shock on the left, leading to a tsunami on the right, with various animals reacting (birds reportedly sometimes show a prescient pre-sponse to earthquakes).

I as far as I know, however, aeroplanes do not spontaneously take off in fright, so I’m missing something :-)

David, give love to my Ellen…I have been regularly reading your posts, brilliant, I still can’t figure out why you are not “the” man in the Big Apple…Anyway, I can’t resist a riddle, especilly one with an ANCIENT EGYPTIAN quail chick symbolizing the letter and sound “w”. is that intentional?

an ear, a globe, no idea how to draw needs, a speaker, a grunt from WoW, an arm making a muscle, how do you draw a clatter?

an ear, a globe, no idea how to draw needs, a speaker, a grunt from WoW, an arm making a muscle, how do you draw a clatter?
and, as always, VERY creative - I love your site!

Whatever it is, I’m just hoping it doesn’t involve snakes on a plane.

But I feel fine.

The only thing scarier than a black hole is a man with a microphone.

ha - you drew my ringtone!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Snake-Wave-Spiral-Man!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Snake-Wave-Spiral-Man!

LMAO @ snakes on a plane!

Just to clarify, for those of you who do not get it:

that’s great it starts with an earthquake
birds and snakes and aeroplanes
lenny bruce is not afraid
eye of the hurricane

Fun! Alrighty (unless LS got it and it’s just song lyrics), it’s a sequence to be continued as far as possible to the right, so the question is “audio wave-ish graphic is to these four things as spiral graphic is to what?”

So there’s an audio wave and then there are four things that produce sound — sound that communicates in various ways. What’s the sequence? Not increasing complexity (human can communicate much more complex range of ideas with sound than bird can, but snake and plane don’t fit well into that theory).

Maybe increasing danger level. A bird and snake can communicate “I’m about to attack you” and there’s a greater threat from a rattlesnake attack than from a songbird attack. The sound/proximity of a plane can communicate that it’s about to do a lot of damage. But of course a human voice can communicate in the most dangerous and damaging ways — especially a human in a position of power and/or speaking to a crowd, as the drawing suggests.

So, continuing: what comes next might be four spiral-themed things ranging from, say, a religious icon (least threatening) to a hurricane and then a black hole (most threatening).

I did a flow chart of this about a year ago for Song Chart pool in Flickr.


The first symbol reminds me of the freesound project’s logo.

The image represents the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack

I got it.

It’s about the sound made on twitter when you tweet about snakes on a plane being a very crap movie. But then a lot of Snakes on a Plane fans start screaming into their mics and drown out your valid points in a whirlpool of trollism

We ought to thank Mr. Sterne Lawrence. =P

No really, it’s a rhebus for internet utils, isn’t it? Seesmic, Twitter, the snake HAS to be ‘fark’, Propeller, MySpace (or ‘Live’), Twurl… And next in line would be a cupcake (for delicious).

I think the drawing confirms that you’re absolutely bonkers.