January 30, 2009

Coraline Box #40

I don’t want to encourage marketing people to send me stuff hoping I’ll write about it, but this is a particularly nice bit of marketing so I think it deserves a mention. It’s creative, and has a personal touch.

The team behind the upcoming movie Coraline has sent 50 handmade boxes featuring props from the movie to 50 different bloggers. I’m the recipient of Box #40, made from an old cigar box:

Coraline Box

I admit, it was pretty cool to get the box and wonder what it contained. I won’t keep you in suspense:

Coraline Box

It contains 3 headless dog bodies. Somebody else got the dog heads. It also contains one glittery halo, and still images from the movie scenes in which these objects appear. There is also this quote printed on a piece of paper: “She heard a shuffling noise, and a light came toward her, swinging from side to side. When it was closer she saw the light was coming from a flashlight being carried in the mouth of a large black Scottie dog, its muzzle gray with age.” -Chapt. IV

Not all 50 boxes have turned up yet, but NOTCOT has a pretty good roundup of those that have.

Thanks, Coraline Team!


OK, how do I get on whatever list you are on? That is fantastic!

I wonder how much one of those would go for on ebay…

Color me jealous. Can you post a high-resolution photo so we can read the text?

I’ve heard about these - congrats! I’m going to go try to snuff out my insane jealousy…

How did you get on their mailing list? (Short time reader, first time -jealous- poster.) But let me also take this moment to say that you, sir, have some fantastic ideas.

Hi david — glad you blogged this. Marketers or no. I was going to suggest you guest blog it at the International Animated Film Society Blog. They are are also collecting news of all the boxes as they appear. Hadn’t heard of Notcot before. Cheers


Cheers for the linkage, David - and yes, we have a near-exact same items in our Coraline Boxes… and your “stubby” key is adorable!

Have a fab one :)

I’m seething with jealousy right now. I read the book when it came out, and it’s always stuck out as one of the best books from my teen years. The film is going to be nothing short of fantastic. Good job on snagging one of these up - I should have been more alert!

I’m sorry David, I was wrong - our boxes are not the same - mine (#23) is Scottie’s HEAD, while yours is the BODY! … but im sure you figured that out, im just slow that way :p

Gotta admit, for a marketing scheme this is pretty cool (and yeah I’m jealous too).