November 11, 2008

At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

As George Bush prepares to move out of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, and Barack Obama prepares to move in, I thought I’d take a virtual trip around the country and see what’s going on at other locations with the same address.

The following photos come via Google Street View:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Baltimore, MD

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Glendora, CA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Wilmington, DE

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Bremerton, WA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Savannah, GA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Terre Haute, IN

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in West Mifflin, PA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Los Angeles, CA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Croydon, PA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Brooklyn, NY

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Des Moines, IA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Oreland, PA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Prospect Park, PA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Colton, CA

1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Dallas, TX

Note: For my British readers, here’s where else you can find Number 10 Downing Street


I think it’s great that all those homeowners decided to paint their houses white. They were probably tired of bad jokes from their neighbors.

Here’s a list of all the 10 Downing Streets in the UK:

10 Downing Street, HALESOWEN, B63 3TA

10 Downing Street, SMETHWICK, B66 2PA

10 Downing Street, South Normanton, ALFRETON, DE55 2HE

10 Downing Street, LIVERPOOL, L5 4TQ

10 Downing Street, SUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD, NG17 4EF

10 Downing Street, NOTTINGHAM, NG6 8JU

10 Downing Street, NEWPORT, NP19 0JJ

10 Downing Street, ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE, OL7 9LR

10 Downing Street, PRESTON, PR1 4RH

10 Downing Street, LLANELLI, SA15 2UA

10 Downing Street, CHIPPENHAM, SN14 0AA


John Lewis, 10 Downing Street, CAMBRIDGE, CB2 3DS

Games Pod, 10 Downing Street, FARNHAM, GU9 7PB

Prime Minister & First Lord Of The Treasury, 10 Downing Street, LONDON, SW1A 2AA

I love how so many of the residential addresses are white houses.

Pennsylvania Ave in Dallas is a far cry from the Preston Hollow area, where the Bushes are rumored to be buying a place, home of such notables as Ross Perot and Mark Cuban.

Heh, indeed. Never mind all those other cities. Washington is a N/S/E/W grid and Pennsylvania Ave runs diagonally from NW to SE. So there’s also a 1600 Pennsylvania Ave SE in Washington, DC to compare to its ritzier NW brother.

Take a look at THAT, if you dare.

Oh, yeah, 1600 Penn. Ave in Baltimore is nothing special… also not the kind of place GW would want to find himself…

Wow, congrats on gettign on Buzzfeed with this post; I saw it on the home page of Huffington Post.

Sniff! And I knew you when.

Awesome post!

david: there is no 1600 pennsylvania ave SE in DC. if there was, it would fall approximately where there is a used car lot just off of barney circle right now.

not sure why you say IF YOU DARE, like there’s something terrifying about that location. it’s on the edge of capitol hill, in a pretty nice neighborhood. a brand new condo building with a harris teeter grocery store just opened across the street a couple months ago…

Really loved this post,thanks!


Pennsylania Avenue in Elizabeth NJ is a prostitution area, or “ho stroll”.

Google map it as Pa ave and Mary st.

I’ve actually done a photo essay on this very subject, you can see at my site, . Most of the addresses listed here are not actually 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but only where the address would actually be. I traveled cross country to find them all.

Funny how there’s a moving truck outside 10 Downing Street, New York, New York! A sign for Gordon Brown, perhaps?

There’s a 1600 Pennsylvania in Denver. It’s probably an apartment complex, or maybe a restaurant underneath it.

I think it’s great post and very informative. I also loved the “Number 10 Downing Street” post. Pennsylania Avenue in Elizabeth NJ is a prostitution area, is this true??