October 1, 2008

Announcing my new photography blog

I started Ironic Sans as a place for me to write all the creative ideas I have that don’t relate to my career as a photographer. The topics I write about here run the gamut, but I primarily express myself through photography, and I figure that some of you might like the projects I’m working on. So I’ve decided that it’s about time I start a blog about my photography.

The new blog is called DFP:BLOG, and its launch coincides with the redesign of my photography portfolio site.

Currently on the blog, you can see some of the people I’ve photographed for my ongoing series of inventor portraits, like Tony Pagoto, seen below in his living room, who invented a gadget for keeping the wires under your desk tidy.

And, from my archives, I’ve posted a seldom seen photo essay I shot in a denim factory in Kentucky. If you’ve ever wondered who the people are who put the holes in pre-distressed jeans, this will answer the question.

I haven’t yet figured out what the frequency of posts will be at DFP:BLOG, but when I do, expect to see more work along these lines, as well as occasional one-offs, and links to other work that inspires me.

(And don’t worry — Ironic Sans isn’t going anywhere).


Great news! It’ll be nice to read some background info on your photos. I love your portrait photography, but they can be enigmatic without some kind of description (like: just Who is that guy in the boater?).

I’ve long admired how you use the surrounding environment in your portraits.

great to hear, i dont know what it is about your portraits but i do really like them, they just seem to be full of light, almost like hdr images or something, i dont know, just lots of layers. anyway, the new blog is in my rss now, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Wow! Small world! I stumbled upon IRONIC SANS about a year ago and a half ago and check in regularly. I’m a big fan.

Up until about 3 weeks ago, I handled the screen print product development/production and graphic design at Sights Denim for four and a half years. Great photos! They really capture what the place was like at the time.

i really much impressed with ironic sans. great work done. i really love your photography. thanks for sharing.

i really much impressed with ironic sans. great work done. i really love your photography. thanks for sharing.

WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for maternity photography

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