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October 29, 2008

Idea: Reboot the Terminator

I currently have 4 episodes of the TV show “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” on my DVR waiting to be watched, but I think I’m just going to delete them. I can’t imagine wasting 4 hours catching up on that show. It’s boring. Each episode is just like the last one.

Now there’s another Terminator movie in the works. I’ve seen the trailer. I can’t say I’m very excited about it.

Why does Skynet keep sending Terminators after Sarah Connor? Or even John Connor, for that matter? Why not go back a hundred years, or two hundred years, and kill her great grandparents? Now that would make an interesting show (or movie, or comic book, or novel).

Future John Connor would surely send a human into the past to stop the Terminator from killing his great great grandparents. So how does this person fight against a robot killer in an age when technology is so primitive, using his knowledge from the future? And how does the Terminator blend in? What materials does he use to repair himself when he’s been damaged? Over time, as he gets more and more damaged, does he go from glistening machine to steampunk hodgepodge of parts?

I think there’s a lot of potential for period Terminator stories. Maybe there’s an 18th Century Ireland Terminator trying to kill Johnny O’Connor before he comes to America. Or a Dark Ages Terminator who’s trying to kill Sarah the bar wench. Primordial Ooze Terminator could have a heck of a time figuring out which slime mold eventual produces offspring that evolves into the Connor line.

The possibilities are endless. So why are they limiting themselves to telling the same old story the same old way time after time?

October 14, 2008

Choose wisely.

This is a thoroughly unscientific poll, and I’m not sure how I will interpret the results exactly, but I suspect it will speak volumes about who my readers are. There is no question, but there are eleven possible answers.

[People reading via RSS may need to visit the site to see the poll]

Update: It’s too late to add any more options without messing up the results, but I want to mention that all your suggestions have been great. I wish I had thought to include the following: 451 (for the literary crowd), 1.4 2 2.8 4 (for the photographers), 4/4 (for the musicians out there), and #000000 (for the graphic designers). I hope you were all able to find a choice that suits you anyway.

October 8, 2008

60 Seconds in the Life of the Election Center

With less than a month until the election, the campaigns are bound to get pretty crazy. So I think we should take a minute to relax, inhale slowly, and bask in the glow of the CNN Election Center monitors in a quiet moment with no one else around.

October 6, 2008

UPDATE: Skywalker “HOPE” Posters and Shirts are once again available

October 27 Update:This post has been rewritten to reflect the latest news.

I’m pleased to announce that t-shirts and posters based on the Luke Skywalker “HOPE” design I posted recently are once again available! They were inspired by Shepard Fairey’s famous Obama “HOPE” poster, so be sure to check out his site www.obeygiant.com.

Posters and T-shirts are available for purchase at Zazzle.com.

Click on the Poster or Shirt below for available sizes and apparel styles:

A New Hope print

A New Hope shirt

Also available: The Imperial Party T-shirts and Posters requested by many of you:

Imperial Party shirt

There’s still time to get yours before election day!

October 2, 2008

The November 4 Simulator

Practice until it’s second nature.

Grab this code to embed on your own site:

October 1, 2008

Announcing my new photography blog

I started Ironic Sans as a place for me to write all the creative ideas I have that don’t relate to my career as a photographer. The topics I write about here run the gamut, but I primarily express myself through photography, and I figure that some of you might like the projects I’m working on. So I’ve decided that it’s about time I start a blog about my photography.

The new blog is called DFP:BLOG, and its launch coincides with the redesign of my photography portfolio site.

Currently on the blog, you can see some of the people I’ve photographed for my ongoing series of inventor portraits, like Tony Pagoto, seen below in his living room, who invented a gadget for keeping the wires under your desk tidy.

And, from my archives, I’ve posted a seldom seen photo essay I shot in a denim factory in Kentucky. If you’ve ever wondered who the people are who put the holes in pre-distressed jeans, this will answer the question.

I haven’t yet figured out what the frequency of posts will be at DFP:BLOG, but when I do, expect to see more work along these lines, as well as occasional one-offs, and links to other work that inspires me.

(And don’t worry — Ironic Sans isn’t going anywhere).