September 11, 2008

In a political campaign far, far away…

Update: The Luke “Hope” Poster is now available for purchase with Lucasfilm’s blessing. Also available as a T-shirt.

Update: It’s not available anymore. Sorry!

A long time ago, in a political campaign far, far away, this poster was hanging in campaign offices across the galaxy…

Star Wars Obama

…and these logos were on bumper stickers from Alderaan to Yavin:

Star Wars Politics


you guys should totally sell/give away/do something with those stickers. the empire one is freaking sweet.

I’d buy these in a heartbeat if you made ‘em available! Amazingly well done!

I know there’s a lot of fan-made Star Wars merch out there, but I’m not comfortable selling these without being sure I’m not stretching the fair use argument too far. What’s Lucasfilm’s policy on this sort of stuff? Do they have a “fan” license? I’ll happily sell these on stickers or shirts if I can do it properly. I’ll look into it. -David

The only issue I would see would be the “republic” logo. This may be a trademark, but I’ve seen many people use it, so I don’t know.

very nice. you should check this out:

There really ought to be an “obamify” Photoshop plugin that automatically turns a portrait into the four-toned version as above. Or is there one?

Follow-up: I just spoke with Lucasfilm’s business affairs / licensing division. Their policy is not to allow unlicensed use of their intellectual property if money is changing hands, even for creative bloggers like myself. No “fan” license available. Sorry!

(And, to Shepherd’s point, it’s not just the “Republic” logo that’s an issue. It’s Lucasfilm’s characters and vehicle, not to mention Mark Hamill’s likeness. I am using it creatively, but it’s arguably not a parody of Star Wars, which would be permissible for me to sell under Fair Use.)


If only the political campaign were [in a galaxy] far, far away. Maybe then I’d be able to hear myself cry.

Nice work, by the way.

Too bad you can’t sell them. Maybe you could make the files available and we could just print them out and stick ‘em. No money changing hands so it should be ok, right?

haha cool! i like these!

good post!

I would argue the stickers could fall under parody, and thus: fair use… Or, maybe it’s just wishful thinking. In any case, great idea, man.

The poster is really nice.

Oh just what we need: a rash, impulsive, inexperienced candidate!

that is a genius poster. I want it!

but Luke doesn’t have any executive experience ….

I love these. If someone were to make these, I’d certainly buy them.

I can only imagine what a campaign ad against Darth Vader would be like…

“I hear that Vader plans to build a second Death Star near Endor to eradicate the Rebels once and for all! That’s not change, that’s more of the same!”

Could you do one saying, at the top “Help us Obi Wan Kenobi,” then a picture of Sir Alec, then at the bottom “you’re our ONLY hope” Thank you in advance.

I love the Skywalker poster. I would buy that in a heartbeat! I was just emailing someone that I liked Shepard Fairey’s Obama artwork.

Love it!
too bad if cannot be done.

Though I could see an Obama-like tv/radio version, “You’re our only hope Obama-Wan.”

These need to be made NOW. I’d buy ‘em in a heart beat.

It’s too bad you can’t sell them, but could you make PDF’s available for download?

You rock! It’s unfortunate you can’t sell it, because I’d buy it.

A candidate that actually fights for the people? I’m all over that one. And thanks, because this inspired me to break out my Star Wars DVDs (the original ones, not the newly destroyed ones). Haven’t seen those in a while.

Oh, and I love the idea behind your blog design.

I’m not sure about Luke Skywalker, but I’d vote for Jack Bauer!


Any chance of posting high resolution (or vector graphics? I’m not a photoshop person) copies of this? I’d love to put this up somewhere in my apartment but would need a better source to take it to Kinko’s.


flippin’ sweet! i’d love to have these! cheers, tex

This picture appears to be in 3D, but I can’t figure out how to view it in the intended mode.

American party stickers? Sorry, but I think we Vogons from beneath the North Pole will take over the galaxy first.

Oh sorry, we’re already halfway done.

So long, suckers!

How’d you do this? Did you put it through a filter or did you have to cut out the layers individually?

Gorgeous design. He’d get my vote!

Gorgeous design on the Luke poster. He’d get my vote, for sure.

Yeah, I’ll back the high-res requests. Very nice work.

This meshaup inspired me to try my own Movie+Obama meshaup


They’re stickers?! Can I have one, I promise I’ll tell everyone :)

Eh, Luke’s a bit naive and whiny to run a galaxy. Leia should have got the nomination, but she went negative in the primaries.

Can you post a Hi-Res version of the pic? I’d like to print a poster of it.

Can you post a hi-res version of the pic? I’d like to print a large poster of it.

Hey, i’m pretty sure by definition this is a parody… but it’s good you’re being safe rather than sorry.

Did they tell you how much an actual license would cost? Maybe you can make a deal. Is George Lucas a Democrat?

The poster is really great.

Any chance of a tutorial on how you did this? I love this and would love to create one of my own.

try using live trace in illustrator, then changing the colors around. also, you DEFINATELY HAVE TO START SELLING THESE

With the black shield down how am I supposed to fight?

I love this! It’s brilliant.

Can you tell me how you made this poster? I’d like to try and do the same effect with a family photo. Sadly, I only own photoshop elements.