September 24, 2008

I’d buy that logo for a dollar!

On the left, the logo for the Congressional Budget Office, the federal agency that analyzes economic and budgetary decisions and provides projections on their effects on the national debt.

On the right, the logo for Omni Consumer Products, the megacorporation from the Robocop movies that seeks to make money privatizing government agencies.

The Congressional Budget Office is supposed to be nonpartisan, but I think I get a whiff of corporate interest.


Wow… I immediately recognized the Omni Consumer Products logo, and it’s been ages since I saw Robocop - impressive branding!
I hope that the Congressional Budget Office is aware that Omni is one of the most evil corporations in the history of film making, right up there with the Empire (Star Wars), Weyland-Yutani (Alien), and Exxon… oh wait, they’re real… but you get the drift.

absolutely love it - ‘Come quietly or there will be… trouble’

Are they really the same color?

Quick analysis: The Omni logo is more sinister because

  • the lines are thicker

  • the angularity

  • the octagon conveys an authoritarian “STOP”

On the other hand, the government agency logo is more sinister because

  • it’s a government agency

Interesting that they both diminish concentrically. Would we be unable to “read” it properly going from inside to outside?

Also vaguely familiar with the logo for Broward Community College.

The sinewy circles of the CBO make it a kinder, gentler, web 2.0 version of OCP.

Oh, great! And where’s Robocop when we need him?

Maybe they will change their logo by the time the next Robocop hits theaters!

It’s a parody, not a coincidence.

Also see the Chicago Board of Trade logo.