July 15, 2008

Idea: Palindrome road trip

It’s not unheard of for small American towns to change their name in order to get publicity. So here’s an idea for a large scale coordinated multi-state name changing scheme that’s sure to draw tourists: In every state where it’s phonetically possible, there should be a town that creates a palindrome when combined with the state name. Then the ultimate road trip would be to drive from Aksala, Alaska to Adirolf, Florida visiting every palindromic town in between… and then driving back in reverse.* So far, it looks like Saxet, Texas and Adaven, Nevada are the only ones that already exist (sorry, Zion, Illinois — close but no cigar). Visiting Apollo, PA gets you bonus points.

*I mean visiting every city in reverse order, not driving with the car in reverse.


Also, see that Ak-Sar-Ben thing in Nebraska: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ak-Sar-Ben

I think I’m going to avoid Sttesuhcassam, MA. :D

While probably similar in other states, I love how in Michigan you can visit Christmas in July, and go to Hell and Paradise all in the same day!

The Palindrome thing is ingenious though.

@Samuel - I can’t see Ippississim, Mississippi being very popular either.

Lots of luck on driving from any of the others to Iiawah, Hawaii.

Or slightly different: Get a group of cities to all change their names such that when you visit them in a specific order their names make one long palindrome. Of course, that’s not as open to extension.

Love your idea, and I am sure there would be many Australian tourists who’d go on tours to get them all ticked off!

In the very remote part of Germany where I come from originally, there are 3 towns and a city, called “Gingen”, “Suessen”, “Kuchen” and “Essen”. If you visit them in this sequence, it actually means “Went to eat sweet cake” - not bad :-)

My state is a bit tricky. Will anagrams do? Not that we have a Wanton Sigh, Washington.

@ Chris: You obviously haven’t been to Mississippi. We have towns with names like Pascagoula, Kosciusko, D’Lo, Noxapater, Sebastopol, Shuqualak, and Toccopola, not to mention names like Coffee and Whynot.

To put it simply, Ippississim would fit right in.

Don’t forget the Yreka Bakery!

Try some of our New Zealand place names - Waikikamukau for example!

You mean anagram, not palindrome.

I see a future Tom Waits tour schedule in the works…. (PEHDSTCKJMBA!)

What about Ainrofilac, CA? Sounds like a medical term, or lolspeek.

Sheryl: No, palindrome.

Chad: There’s a Sebastopol, CA, too, near Santa Rosa. So that one’s at least somewhat allowable.

A fanzine I came across once had a continuing series called Tales Of Acirema. Took a couple of episodes before I caught on.

Years ago I wrote some Western parodies where the heroes visited places like Saxet, Nogero and Old Kroy.