June 23, 2008

Idea: A giant Lego made out of Legos

There are a handful of artists out there making incredibly detailed sculptures using Legos. If I had the time and the resources, I’d make one, too. I’d make one big Lego made entirely out of Legos. I’d call it the Lego Lego.

After making one Lego Lego, I would recruit a bunch of friends to help me make a few hundred more. Then they could be used to build an even bigger sculpture built entirely out of Lego Legos.

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Ahem… I think you mean “…build an even bigger sculpture built entirely out of LEGO LEGO.”

All caps. Plural same as singular.

end LEGOnerd

I have seen two of these at LEGOland in the Mall of America. They are underwhelming.

Ahem… I think you mean “…build an even bigger sculpture built entirely out of brick bricks.”

LEGO is the company. Bricks are the building components.

D: Shoot, forgot the

end LEGOgeek

Then you can build ANOTHER lego piece, and call it “Lego Lego Lego” lol

This has indeed been done, and is being done on a regular basis. See for example


http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/30 (incidentally this is the same chap you linked to in the post!)

Also, LEGO refers to both the company and their product (I read this somewhere on an official-ish* website, but can’t find it again). Simply saying ‘bricks’ is not enough, as there are other companies that market a similar product. And of course we wouldn’t be talking about an inferior clone brand, would we! :-)

*By official-ish I mean a site that, while not associated with The LEGO Co. is considered the next best thing by others in the LEGO community

Google hath failed me. -David

Recursion is a beautiful thing.

I’m not sure where this “Legos” thing comes from- perhaps spare pluralisations left over from the word “math”? The company are LEGO, the generic name for the product is LEGO, and the individual items are “LEGO bricks” or “LEGO pieces” or whatever, so I’d imagine your plan is for a LEGO brick LEGO brick. Penny Arcade were told off by LEGO for the same thing, though.

/LEGO nerd

It’s LEGOS. No one CARES about your geeky explanation.

If you correct people who say “Legos”, you out yourself as a complete douchebag geek.

Ugh, I hate the word Legos.

Silly Americans, it is one Lego, two Lego. Like fish, or sheep.

You *could* say one Lego brick, two Lego bricks, but it takes more energy, therefore, as an Australian, I am morally opposed to it.

Wow, Nyack Tim, I’d say the bigger douch is the singular person here claiming no one cares about the correct use of the word LEGO in the faceof a majority who has claimed otherwise.

There will always be people like that yet we never see anyone attempting to genericize Nike, Ford, or KFC. Perhaps they’re of the attitude that LEGO bricks are ‘merely toys’?

I think that nanotechnology researchers should be working toward making submicroscopic little Legos (or Lego bricks, whatev) out of individual atoms.

Fractalicious! But since it’s already been done, maybe you could whip up a Lego Eggo? “Eggo, my Lego!”

Oh, and Tree? It’s ‘douche.’

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that they did this on an episode of the Simpsons.

i don’t care if it’s been done before.
i think you’re a genius.

i loved your idea.
i can help you to do more of them.

The painting idea, to which you have linked, reminds me of On Kawara’s date paintings.