May 5, 2008

Idea: Measuring cups that look like tiny pots

Someone who manufactures pots and pans should make a matching set of measuring cups that look just like the pots they make but smaller. And with some creative design tweaks, teaspoons and tablespoons could be made that look like tiny frying pans.

Or, the items could be designed the other way around. They could make pots and pans that look like enormous measuring cups, complete with “1/4 Cup” and “1/2 Cup” written in oversize lettering. And then when you buy the set, you get the matching measuring cups included.


Great idea but already done. Amazon Link

just about to post that same thing.

A little overly sturdy for measuring cups, but aesthetically pleasing!

Damn. I even did a Google search before posting, but found nothing. I didn’t think to simply look on Amazon. -David

Josué Blanco beat me to the punch, but I didn’t have a link - I was just going to let you know that I have some and they’re some of my favourite kitchen utensils!

The upside of thinking of something that’s already been done is that it is a successful idea; sort of indicates that your ideas are generally pretty good, eh?

The only way I knew about the All-Clad ones were because I recently got married and my wife and I have been equipment testing everything. I liked these but the $50 pricetag was a no go.

I have a little revere measuring cup that looks like a saucepan. It hangs up next to my other pots and pans and I have always loved it and wondered why I’ve never seen them anywhere else.
Ditto to the other comments, it’s still a good idea even if it’s already been done.

Hi - lurker here.

The ones at Amazon are cool, but I want the set in David’s pic. :)

Awesome idea. I love well-made kitchen stuff.

I think this is a great idea. I am going to have to look for the Revereware though.

I misread the title as “Measuring cups that look like tiny poets.” I think Bobby Burns would have to come in the dram size.

Seems like a cute idea to me- I’d stock up on them! But it makes me wonder, would they generally confuse people, a la the attempt to change to the metric system w/ resulting confusion in the kitchen?

when i was a kid, my mom let me play with the revereware cup measure, whenever she’d be cooking…that and she’d let me melt butter in it, which was handy in the days before microwaves.

i still have the little cup, i use it to scoop dogfood now…

On a related topic, I present you with a lesser gr[e]ater.

this game was lam and stupid,who came up with it?

there are revere ware versions of these out there. i used to own one (until it got damaged in a move). i don’t know if they still make them, the one i had was probably 25-30 years old.

My sister-in-law has teaspoon and tablespoon measures that look like little saucepans. They are also magnets, so that’s, like, three in one.

done: Link

I saw the Revereware version of this in my aunt’s kitchen and thought of this post. Here’s a pic: